Covid, Rt rising to 1.57, incidence of 58 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. 20 moderate risk regions

Leap forward for incidence and RT which this week stood at 58 and 1.57 respectively. The two values, which mark the circulation of the virus and the replicability of the infection, are over the threshold of 50×100 thousand for the first and over 1.50 for the second.

Last week they stood at 41 and 1.26 respectively. Two parameters which, together with the new values ​​launched by the government on the percentage of saturation of medical areas and intensive care areas, determine the change in the range of the regions and the related restrictions.

The Delta pushes infections and deaths. “The fourth wave has already begun”

by Elena Dusi

July 29, 2021

It is necessary to accelerate the times to reach a high vaccination coverage and the completion of vaccination cycles to prevent further recurrences of episodes of increased circulation of the virus supported by the variants. Highlight the draft monitoring. The circulation of the Delta variant is increasing in Italy and is now prevalent. This, it is noted, has led to an increase in cases in countries with high vaccination coverage, therefore a detailed tracking and sequencing of cases is advisable.

Vaccine, Crisanti: “Third dose? In a month we will understand from the data. In the UK, cases are decreasing thanks to tracking”

July 30, 2021

There are 20 – compared to 19 last week – the Regions and Autonomous Provinces classified at moderate risk and one (Molise) at low risk this week. Seventeen Regions and Autonomous Provinces report resilience alerts. None reports multiple resilience alerts.

No Region and Autonomous Province exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for beds in the intensive care or medical area, but hospitalizations are increasing. The intensive employment rate is stable at 2%, with a slight increase in the number of hospitalized people, which goes from 165 (20/07/2021) to 189 (27/07/2021). The employment rate in national medical areas increased to 3% from 2% last week. The number of hospitalized in these areas is increasing from 1,194 to 1,611.

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