Coronavirus, the new region squeeze is coming to Sicily: here are which municipalities risk restrictions

Coronavirus, the new region squeeze is coming to Sicily: here are which municipalities risk restrictions
Coronavirus, the new region squeeze is coming to Sicily: here are which municipalities risk restrictions

There will no longer be yellow, “nor orange or red, but containment areas with more or less severe restrictions depending on the epidemiological risk calculated by the Technical Scientific Committee for the Covid emergency in Sicily, based, in addition to the number of the hospitalized, on that of the infected and vaccinated ». The regional councilor for health, Ruggero Razza, as Andrea D’Orazio writes in the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands, thus confirms what was proposed last week: “To establish new, possible measures at a territorial level, we will go beyond the color system” and beyond the only criterion of the hospital saturation rate established by Rome, “deciding case by case on the basis of what our experts will indicate in a document ready shortly”.

This is the line suggested by the members of the Cts Antonello Giarratano, director of the resuscitation unit of the Palermo Polyclinic, and Cristoforo Pomara, head of forensic medicine at the Policlinico di Catania, that is to anchor the containment measures in conjunction with new infections and residents. vaccinated, according to the example of Giarratano: «If a municipality has more than 70% immunized, it makes no sense to tighten the rules even when infections should increase. Conversely, if only 35% are immunized and the positives grow, then it is necessary to take action ».

Between these two extremes, the experts will indicate the percentages to take ad hoc decisions, but in the meantime we can already hazard a few hypotheses. Gela and Favara, red until a few days ago, could return to a more or less nuanced semi-lockdown, considering the respective shares of current positives and vaccinated population: over 600 infections on just over 55% of immunized for Gela, 245 up 65% for Favara. Vittoria and Santa Croce Camerina, in the Ragusa area, another province with special surveillance for the weekly incidence of the virus would also end up in the sights. Vittoria has 400 positives and about 55% immunized, Santa Croce Camerina 135 cases and 58% vaccinated. Few risks, however, in Palermo, where most of the municipalities (including the capital) have over 70% immunized.

Staying in the field of hypotheses, and considering this time only the hospital saturation rate, or the critical thresholds set by Rome to enter yellow, equal to 15% in the medical area and 10% in Reanimation, Sicily could leave the white already before mid-August. To predict it, consulted by the Giornale di Sicilia, is Giovanni Sebastiani, mathematician of the Institute for Applications: of the Calculus “Mauro Picone” of the CNR, but the conditional is a must and revolves around the growth of positives, “which in the Island it is slowing down and should reach its peak in 3-5 days ». The prospects linked to the number of hospitalizations are explained in the article by Andrea D’Orazio in the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands.

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