Coronavirus, today’s latest news on Covid: ISS monitoring, Rt index rises to 1.57 and incidence to 58. Delta variant alert from the US: The war has changed

The latest news in real time on the Covid-19 in Italy and in the world, the updates and data of today, Friday 30 July. In bulletin of ierthe 6,171 new cases and 19 deaths. The rate of positivity rises to 2.7% (yesterday 2.3%) with 224,790 swabs. Hospitalizations (+45) and intensive care (+11) are increasing. ISS monitoring: Rt index rises to 1.57, incidence to 58 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Gimbe Foundation: “We have entered the fourth wave”. Sicily and Sardinia turn red on the Eu map of the ECDC of risk Covid. On the Green pass and back to school in attendance the government will speak next week. Minister Speranza launches new ordinances confirming most of the measures envisaged for entry into Italy. The 10-day quarantine has been confirmed for those coming from non-EU countries. The vaccination campaign continues: so far 67,544,883 doses have been administered and 31,770,746 people have completed the vaccination cycle, equal to almost 59% of the over 12 population.

Worldwide 196,582,046 infections and 4,198,379 deaths. The Japanese government ready to extend the state of emergency, record-breaking Olympics cases Tokyo. USA alarm, variant Delta more dangerous. France, over 25 thousand new infections and hospitalizations on the rise. Australia Deploys Army a Sydney.

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Iss, the weekly monitoring data: incidence at 58 and Rt at 1.57

According to the draft of the weekly monitoring carried out by the control room, in Italy the transmission index of the infection has risen to 1.57, well above the guard threshold of 1, and the incidence has also reached 58 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. (last week it was 41 per 100 thousand inhabitants).

Coronavirus Campania, the contagion and vaccine situation of Friday 30 July

In Campania 380 new Covid-19 positives were recorded out of 8,042 molecular swabs analyzed, with a positive rate of 4.73%, slightly higher than the 4.2% of the previous day. According to the data of the Gimbe Foundation, in the last week (21-27 July) there was a percentage increase of new cases by 27.2% compared to the week before. Tomorrow 4 days of Open Day start. Pfizer in Naples.

Covid outbreak after party in nightclub, police close local for 75 days

The Papi on the Beach nightclub in Roveredo in Piano (Pordenone), where a Covid outbreak – perhaps the largest in Friuli Venezia Giulia, following a party held on July 17, will be closed for 75 days. The commissioner of Pordenone, Marco Odorisio, ordered it, suspending the license. It is the second such provision: the first, issued by Odorisio himself, had suspended the license for 90 days, again for reasons of public safety and people’s safety. Also for this reason the Chief of Police sent the Mayor of Roveredo the proposal to revoke the license from the nightclub.

Covid outbreak on campus: 39 infected and 140 in quarantine in Petriolo

The number of positives rises to Petriolo. According to the report of the Marche Region, there are 140 people in quarantine (out of 1,881 inhabitants) and 39 positive. The subjects in isolation were divided into three clusters, attributable to the trip to the water park of 20 July, the trip to the sea on 21 July and the one in the mountains on 22 July. Today, from 8 to 8.30, molecular swabs will be carried out for the first group, by car, in the health district of Macerata (Largo Raffaello Sanzio); tomorrow, same time and method, for the second group, and Sunday from 8 for the third.

Crisanti: “Third dose of vaccine? In a month we will understand from the data”

“The debate on third dose it’s right that it started. Israel started with the third dose and in 1 month and a half we will have enough data to understand the impact of the third dose. “This was stated by Andrea Crisanti, microbiologist at the University of Padua, Summer Agora on Rai 3, underlining that “we are on an unknown triplet” and that “we cannot invent anything. Data are the most important thing to trace the path otherwise we improvise, and I do not think that in public health we can improvise”. On vaccines: “No vaccine covers 100%, but the most effective as coverage are those with mRna, such as Pfizer e Modern. The data from Israel, if confirmed, say that we have 70% protection against the Delta variant even in the best of cases “.

Japan extends a state of emergency after a surge in infections

The Japan is ready to expand the coronavirus state of emergency to Tokyo in neighboring areas and in the western city of Osaka in the wake of a record surge in infections, recorded as the capital is home to Olympic Games. The government committee approved the plan that puts Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba, as well as Osaka, under a state of emergency from Monday until August 31. The measures already in place in Tokyo and the southern island of Okinawa will be extended until the end of August. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is expected to officially announce the measures on Friday. Tokyo experienced a record increase in cases for three consecutive days, including 3,865 on Thursday. Cases have doubled since last week.

Cases increase, Australia deploys the army in Sydney which remains in lockdown

Australia has decided to field hundreds of soldiers a Sydney to enforce the lockdown: the 300 soldiers of the Australian Defense Force will undergo training over the weekend and then on Monday they will begin patrolling the streets, albeit unarmed, together with the police. The Australian broadcaster reports Abc News. New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott explained that the deployment was necessary because a small number of people believe “the rules don’t apply to them”.

School restarts in attendance in September: no tests, distance and masks remain

The Ministry of Education has prepared a draft of the school plan for the return to class in September: the goal is to bring all students back in attendance, although the rules on spacing and use of the mask will remain in the classroom as well. On the other hand, diagnostic tests should not be carried out at the entrance to schools.

In Thailand, record of Covid cases and deaths in 24 hours

The Thailand has recorded in the last 24 hours a record of cases and deaths caused by the coronavirus, respectively at 17,669 and 165. The data, writes the Guardian, bring the total toll of infections in the country since the beginning of the pandemic to 561,030, including 4,562 deaths.

The alarm from the US: “Delta variant more dangerous, spreads like chicken pox”

The Delta variant Coronavirus causes more severe infection than previously discovered variants and spreads as easily as varicella. This is what we read in a document obtained from Washington Post and drafted by the CDC, the highest US federal health authority. In the presentation, in the form of slides, an appeal is therefore made to the government: we need to change the message and recognize how “the war has changed“.

Tokyo 2020, another 27 positive among athletes and participants in the Olympics: the total rises to 225

The organizing committee of Tokyo 2020 announced that 27 new cases of positivity to Covid-19 emerged in the Olympics, three of them are athletes (one is the pole vault world champion, the American Sam Kendricks) and three reside within the Olympic Village. From July 1 to today, the coronavirus positivity of people in any role accredited to the Olympic Games is 225.

Vaccine Bulletin, to date 67,544,883 doses have been administered

There are 67,544,883 doses of vaccine administered in Italy, 94.8% of the total of those delivered, amounting to 71,286,045 so far (in detail 49,586,425 Pfizer/BioNTech, 7.574.638 Modern, 11.955.140 Vaxzevria-Astrazeneca e 2.169.842 Janssen). The people who have completed the vaccination cycle are 31,770,746, 58.82% of the population over 12. It can be read in the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 6.10 today.

The latest news on Coronavirus Covid-19 today, Friday 30 July

Emergency updates Covid-19 in Italy and in the world. In the last 24 hours, 6,171 new cases were recorded out of 224,790 swabs performed and 19 deaths. The rate of positivity it rises to 2.7% (yesterday 2.3%), also hospitalizations in the medical area and in intensive care. This is what emerges from the yesterday’s bulletin. Infection boom in Sardinia e Sicily, which have turned red on the EU map of the Coronavirus risk created by the ECDC. Here is the detail region by region:

  • Lombardy: +661
  • Veneto: +737
  • Campania: +380
  • Emilia-Romagna: +493
  • Piedmont: +282
  • Lazio: +780
  • Puglia: +151
  • Tuscany: +748
  • Sicily: +719
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +96
  • Walking: +101
  • Liguria: +116
  • Abruzzo: +67
  • P.A. Bolzano: +40
  • Calabria: +183
  • Sardinia: +413
  • Umbria: +117
  • P.A. Trento: +45
  • Basilicata: +36
  • Molise: +4
  • Aosta Valley: +4

Expected today the monitoring weekly of the control room. According to Gimbe Foundation, after an increase of more than 64% of new cases in a week, Italy has entered the fourth wave of the pandemic. Minister Speranza launches new ordinances confirming most of the measures envisaged for entry into Italy. The 10-day quarantine has been confirmed for those coming from non-EU countries while the vaccination certificates from Great Britain can be used in Italy for the Green pass. Meanwhile, the government is still working to untie the knot on green certificate, school in attendance and transport but a decision will come only next week. The campaign of vaccination continues with 67,544,883 doses administered so far and 31,770,746 people who have completed the vaccination cycle, equal to 58.82% of the population over 12

Worldwide 196,582,046 cases and 4,198,379. In France over 25 thousand cases and an increase in the number of hospitalizations. Tokyo 2020, there are 27 new covid infections linked to the Olympic Games, for a total of 225 while the Japanese government is ready to extend the state of emergency. The US alarm, Delta variant more dangerous.


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