Sputnik not valid for the Green pass in Italy. Tourists to Croatia and Greece?

Sputnik not valid for the Green pass in Italy. Tourists to Croatia and Greece?
Sputnik not valid for the Green pass in Italy. Tourists to Croatia and Greece?

Not yet approved byMom (the European Medicines Agency) and, therefore, not valid for vaccination certifications. Failure to recognize the Russian vaccine Sputnik V to get the Green pass (from August 6 mandatory to access services and activities open to the public) is a coincidence.

On the one hand there are the limitations of the movements within the Italian territory of the citizens of San Marino (the small Republic between Romagna and Marche has already achieved herd immunity by administering in 90% of cases the Russian medicine not yet authorized by the European Union). On the other hand, the effects on the tourist flow in from Russia: a situation aggravated by competition from other European countries such as Greece, Croatia e Cipro who instead have long ago decided to open their doors to travelers who have received the Russian vaccine. In addition to the case of Slovakia which recognizes Sputnik V and but also Chinese vaccines Sinovac e Sinopharm.


Waiting for the green light of the EMA

At the beginning of June, Moscow, through the Russian direct investment fund, he said he expected the green light for the Russian coronavirus vaccine within two months. A possibility on which, on 25 June, the premier Mario Draghi he had been skeptical, going so far as to say that “maybe it will never be approved.” The Italian-American immunologist Anthony Fauci he called the Russian vaccine “very good”.

Senza Green pass

“At the moment we are not in a position to use the green pass for the Russian vaccine because it has not yet been approved by the EMA” explained the Minister of Health in the past. Roberto Speranza.

But the undersecretary of his department Pierpaolo Sileri he declared that he is fighting precisely for vaccinated people vaccinated with preparations not authorized in Europe to be recognized for green certification. “Those who live in San Marino and have done Sputnik cannot fail to be recognized by the National Health Service”.


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