“Enrico saved from science when he was sick” – Corriere.it

“Enrico saved from science when he was sick” – Corriere.it
“Enrico saved from science when he was sick” – Corriere.it

“You are multiple vaccinated.” “And you ended up in hospital and yet you deny Covid.” “That’s not true and now I’m going to sue you.” This the dispute over Covid vaccines also become one quarrel to the sound of posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. The protagonists of the discussion via social media are the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, the Roman comedian Enrico Montesano and the journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli.

Everything starts from one colorful live video of Montesano of over an hour, in which he speaks of medici, from therapy differentiated by ordinary citizens, “On which health care companies must make a profit,” says the comedian, ei “special” patients, and here he cites Berlusconi, healed in three days. And obviously about vaccines and green passes: “There is no obligation, but then they point you out if you don’t get vaccinated”. Among the various topics it also speaks of a Multi-vaccinated zingaretti, accusations to which the governor had already responded in recent days, but which he still returns to. «I saw that also Enrico Montesano said in a social video that I have made 4 vaccines. Raise a fake, since it was old photos of flu campaigns from a few years ago. The methods are these. Enrico because you have reduced yourself like this? If you have your ideas you have it all right to express them, but oftarnish others less. Indeed this right you do not have it».

But Selvaggia Lucarelli also wanted to reply to the direct from Montesano with a tweet: «Since he never had the courage to say it, but he loves to insult and ride the worst conspiracy theories, I say so: Enrico Montesano had Covid, was hospitalized, was saved by doctors and science. That science he asked for help when he was sick ». The artist’s dry reply on Facebook was not long in coming: «Mrs. Lucarelli he claims absolutely false things about me. I reserve the right to act in the appropriate places to protect my person“. And then he added, even borrowing a phrase from Agamben: “Anyone who wants to get vaccinated is free to do so, but even those who do not want to be respected. What we are experiencing, before being an unprecedented manipulation of everyone’s freedoms, is a gigantic operation of falsification of the truth ».

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Enrico saved science sick Corriereit

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