At 86 she has Covid and goes to sea, but is sent back home and reported

At 86 she has Covid and goes to sea, but is sent back home and reported
At 86 she has Covid and goes to sea, but is sent back home and reported

She should have been locked up in the house, in quarantine, after she found out she was positive to covid and instead he chose to spend his holiday on the Riviera as if nothing had happened. But she was discovered shortly after, sent home and reported.

The protagonist of the story is an 86-year-old woman which, from the first evidence, would reside in the Villafranchese. It happened over the weekend just ended, but the news, heavily armored, only leaked yesterday afternoon. For reasons of confidentiality, the name of the old woman was not disclosed. The 86-year-old, identified, was reported and brought home thanks to a trip organized exclusively for her, but by ambulance. This is the only way to prevent it from infecting other people along the way.

The woman was staying in a hotel in Villamarina, a seaside resort less than twenty kilometers from Cesenatico. The elderly woman, before leaving with the group, a group of peers who had decided to spend their holidays on the Riviera, had tested positive for covid after a test. And this complicates his position considerably, because, although he was aware that he had contracted the virus, did not want to give up on holidays, thus violating the rules to prevent the spread of the infection.

Through the names that guests must leave when booking the hotel, the control bodies have noticed that the woman it was inserted among the people who, just at that moment, should have remained at home in quarantine. Certainly not in the hotel, by the sea, together with many other elderly people. Category, moreover, more at risk in case of contagion.

The traveling companions, once they learned of the positivity of the woman, they remained in solitary confinement for a couple of days until they were swabbed. Once the tests had been carried out, and after having ascertained that all were negative for the covid, the group was forced to resume the motorway towards Verona. Well sooner than when the vacation was supposed to end. Again for safety reasons.

The concern, in fact, was also linked to the other guests of the Villamarina structure who with the woman and the group probably shared the same spaces, restaurant and corridors. In addition to the contacts that normally take place in holiday resorts. The 86-year-old, on the other hand, will complete the quarantine period at home.

The Veronese party, as far as we know, was staying in the province of Cesena as part of a social holiday even if, at the moment, it is not known how many companions in misfortune were. The woman, denounced, now risks. For those who violate the quarantine and infect other people, in fact, it can be configured the crime of culpable epidemic. Case that provides for imprisonment from six months to three years.

In general, however, and that is, in the event that direct contagion cannot be demonstrated, or in the event that the contagion does not occur at all, those who do not respect the rules of isolation risk a penalty ranging from three to eighteen months of imprisonment . Besides a fine ranging from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 5 thousand euros. For the violation of fiduciary isolation, therefore what must be followed while waiting for the tampon, or if you have been in contact with a person deemed at risk, we speak of an administrative and non-criminal sanction.

A similar case has also happened in recent weeks with an elderly woman from the Bassa Veronese who left for the holiday without waiting for the result of the swab which turned out to be positive.

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