Giuseppe De Donno died at 54: he started the anti-covid treatment from hyperimmune plasma

He took his own life this afternoon Giuseppe De Donno, the former head of pulmonology at the Carlo Poma hospital in Mantua who was the first to start treating Covid last year with hyperimmune plasma transfusions, the controversial therapy that involved the infusion of blood from infected with the coronavirus, appropriately treated, in other infected patients.

De Donno, the professor of plasma therapy that Salvini likes. And it drives “the people of the web” crazy

by Michele Bocci and Giuliano Foschini

June 15, 2020

De Donno was 54 years old and had resigned from the Mantua hospital in the first days of June to begin, on 5 July, the new profession of general practitioner in Porto Mantovano.

The circumstances of the suicide and the discovery of the body, which would have occurred by some relatives, are still not clear. The former primary lived in Curtatone with his wife and daughter. There are many certificates of condolence from many citizens astonished by his disappearance, who remembered De Donno for having “saved many lives” with his therapy.

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