Covid, 20 positives on board the Amerigo Vespucci training ship. Precautionary measures have been put in place

Covid, 20 positives on board the Amerigo Vespucci training ship. Precautionary measures have been put in place
Covid, 20 positives on board the Amerigo Vespucci training ship. Precautionary measures have been put in place

Some crew members of theAmerigo Vespucci I’m positive results at Covid-19 after some routine checks with quick swabs. To communicate it, through a note, is the Navy, which also made it known that “it has implemented all the precautionary measures to protect the health of the personnel.” The ship is used for the training of officer cadets.

Further checks are planned on board

Twenty positives found on board about 360 crew members. All are symptomatic or paucisymptomatic, that is, with mild symptoms. The ship will now remain in the port of La Spezia, so that a specific protocol can be implemented which provides for 10 days of isolation in suitable ground facilities. New checks will then be carried out on the crew and the complete sanitation of the ship carried out. At the end of this period a further verification is foreseen: the student campaign will be resumed as soon as conditions allow it.

All the crew have been vaccinated

“The Navy has long since adopted very strict procedures on the prevention and control of the spread of COVID-19, which have allowed it to continue to operate seamlessly, with the utmost attention to the safety of its personnel throughout the emergency due to the pandemic ”, reads the press release. In fact, “the entire crew of Nave Vespucci joined the Defense vaccination campaign and well before the start of the campaign had completed the double vaccination course.”

Roberto Burioni: “And then you don’t trust science”

The well-known virologist Roberto Burioni, already involved in the Codacons complaint for his tweet against no-vax, commented on the news of Amerigo Vespucci, explaining that the numbers are in line with what was announced onefficacy of the anti-Covid vaccine. “Many are spreading the news of 20 cases of COVID-19 on the Amerigo Vespucci, a beautiful and beloved ship of our Navy where, despite all being vaccinated, there have been 20 cases of COVID-19”He wrote on his post published on Facebook.

The instinctive conclusion (the one they want you to draw) is: ‘the vaccine doesn’t work’. Apart from that if the vaccine worked little it would be one more reason to vaccinate all of us (we’ll talk about it) let’s think about the numbers for a moment.“Burioni explains, data in hand, because what happened is proof of the effectiveness of the vaccination. “In my post this morning I wrote to you that the Pfizer vaccine was found, in a scientific study, to be 88% effective, thus leaving 12% of vaccinated individuals unprotected from infection.– continues the Professor- Let’s imagine that a contagious virus like the Delta variant, in the absence of a vaccine, would have infected (in a narrow and shared space like that of a ship) half of the sailors (in reality it would have infected them all, but forget it). Now what is 12% of half of 360? About 21. And on the Vespucci 20 tested positive, all asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic. Besides, don’t trust science”He concluded.

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Covid positives board Amerigo Vespucci training ship Precautionary measures put place

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