Covid Ciociaria, 86 cases in 4 days. And all the values ​​rise again

Covid Ciociaria, 86 cases in 4 days. And all the values ​​rise again
Covid Ciociaria, 86 cases in 4 days. And all the values ​​rise again

The infection has resumed its run, but the vaccination campaign must also be sent to achieve herd immunity. For the second consecutive day, the third of the last four, the infections are positioned in the twenty, yesterday 25 and Friday 20. It returns to the levels of mid-late May. It was from 19 to 22 May that in four bulletins in a row there were no more than 15 cases per day, while it was from 21 and 22 May that there were no two consecutive days in the twenties.

This leads to an increase in epidemiological indicators: the incidence per 100,000 inhabitants for seven days has risen to 22.22 seconds in a row beyond 20 after 20.34 on Friday. This had not happened since early June: on the 1st the incidence was at 23.27 and on the 2nd at 21.59. From then on it would not have touched 20 and in fact it would have reached a minimum of 3.77, four times in the period 5-11 July. The positivity rate has risen in recent days: yesterday it touched 3.16%, slightly better than 3.29% on Friday. But, in this case, we must consider the rise in the number of tampons, 789 against 607 the day before. However, this week, with another day available, is likely to have more tests carried out (3,698 per hour, but in the last few Sundays it has fluctuated around 500) compared to the previous one (3,855). The July figure rises, 182 cases to an average of 7.58 per day. Last month it was 6.3, while July 2020 closed at 0.36. The value is similar to that of September 2020 which had 7.43, still far from the second wave that would have manifested itself starting from October, with a daily average of 113.80 cases. In July, there are no deaths from Covid.

The day
The new bulletin presents 25 positives, 6 negativized and no deaths. The cases have occurred in Frosinone with 7, then in Strangolagalli with 4, Ferentino and Cervaro with 3, Alatri and Roccasecca with 2, Cassino, Pontecorvo, Atina and Supino with 1. So far, in July, there are 28 cases in the capital ( in June there were 19) of which 22 in the last four days, followed by Ferentino with 18 cases (9 in four days), Sora with 11, Cassino and Strangolagalli with 7, Casalattico, Ceccano and Boville Ernica with 6 and Atina, Monte San Giovanni Campano, Roccasecca and San Donato Val di Comino with 5.
The ASL of Frosinone has reconverted Anagni and Atina in points of administration of the Moderna vaccine. “There are 4 points of administration of the first doses of the Moderna vaccine in the four districts – informs the ASL – health center in Anagni, the home of health in Atina, Spaziani in Frosinone and Stellantis hub in Piedimonte San Germano”.

“We are very close to the goal of achieving community immunity, but precisely because we are in the last stretch of the path, when we are close to the goal, we need a further effort, perhaps greater than what we have done so far – informs l ‘Asl in a note – In recent weeks, in fact, the cases of positivity of entire families have increased. Some are no vax, but more than half are attributable to parties between teenagers and several also belong to the same family unit. The data show good coverage for all other age groups. Precisely for this reason, we must push the other half of young people to vaccinate so that they are not the vectors of the virus for everyone else. Until we are all vaccinated, the virus always finds a place to sit and turn and travel among everyone. Let’s protect ourselves ».

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