19 – United Kingdom, 31,795 new infections. In Lazio 845 cases and no deaths. Six blues in quarantine. Sardinia, 16 thousand vaccines in the last 24 hours

19 – United Kingdom, 31,795 new infections. In Lazio 845 cases and no deaths. Six blues in quarantine. Sardinia, 16 thousand vaccines in the last 24 hours
19 – United Kingdom, 31,795 new infections. In Lazio 845 cases and no deaths. Six blues in quarantine. Sardinia, 16 thousand vaccines in the last 24 hours

The Coronavirus emergency continues to give no respite not only in Italy, but throughout the planet. As usual, the Ministry of Health shared the bulletin containing the updates relating to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. There are 5,140 new infections, while the victims in the last 24 hours are 5. The positivity rate is 2%. Vocegiallorossa.it will update you LIVE with all the main news.

20:58 – Seven tourists tested positive for COVID-19 in Stromboli. The mayor reported it Marco Giorgianni following the news received from the health authorities. These are people who are already in isolation, and with respect to whom the USCA, in collaboration with the local general practitioner, immediately activated for all the procedures provided.

20:23 – More than a thousand people attended Brescia, in Piazza Vittoria, at a demonstration against the green pass, organized through social media and channels Telegram. “Art 13 personal freedom is inviolable” and again “we have always had the green pass, it is the constitution” are some of the signs displayed. “This vaccine is just a trial, there are six different treatments that are not being considered,” he said Mariano De Mattia, nurse symbol of the medical staff no vax of Brescia.

20:05 – Scuffles occurred in the afternoon a Paris among the demonstrators who had participated shortly before in the demonstrations against the health pass and the police in the area of Champs-Elysees. About 200 people erected barricades and fired rubber bullets at police who responded with tear gas and water cannons, as tourists walked along the boulevard and shopkeepers lowered their shutters. The police then managed to disperse the demonstrators. Anti-pass marches were held throughout France: according to the Minister of the Interior, 161,000 took part, including 11,000 in Paris.

19:41 – The Green Pass will be mandatory to enter the next Provincial Unity Party Lodi, even if the first dose will suffice. “It was not at all mandatory by law that we request it but we want it – explains the organizer of the party Andrea Ferrarthe. We want a safe event. In this period, pending the end of the pandemic, we still need a little patience and prudence. And we adopt them ». This year, the event will last from 26 August to 5 September.

19:12 – “The vaccine against COVID-19 in pregnancy is safe and there are no risks, as shown by scientific studies, that the fragments of mRna can reach the fetus and much less pass through the milk”. The position of gynecologists on the importance of vaccination in pregnant women is very clear, reaffirmed by Elsa Viora, president of the Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Sigo), who does not hide the fact that “many future mothers are afraid” and that these fears have “also been fueled by the lack of an official stance on the part of our health institutions”.

18:43 – “I’ll never get injected with an experimental serum to please a sick society”, “No Green Pass, yes home care”, “turn off the TV, turn on the brain”: these are some of the posters waving people gathered in Piazza del Popolo in Rome against the use of the Green Pass. Not just banners, even chants and screams: to the cry of “resistance”, “freedom” hundreds of people express their opposition to what the government has decided Draghi.

18:17 – In the last 24 hours, the UK has registered 31,795 cases of COVID-19, compared to more than 36,000 the previous day. This was reported by the British Ministry of Health, specifying that the number of deaths is not available.

17:55 – “The alternative is to remain free to continue to lead a normal life with the green pass or to return to the dark era of closures, lockdowns, deserted cities”. The president of the Liguria Region said so Giovanni Tori speaking in Courmayeur at the event “North West House – The restart of tourism”, organized as part of the fifth edition of the “aCourma!” review. According to Toti, “getting vaccinated is a price you can pay. Not doing it takes away much more freedom than not doing it”.


16:00 – Today on over 10 thousand swabs in Lazio (+20) and almost 23 thousand antigenic for a total of almost 33 thousand tests, there are 845 new positive cases (-9), 0 deaths (-1), hospitalized are 196 (+13), intensive care is 32 (+2), recovered are 266. The ratio between positives and swabs is 8.1% but if we also consider the antigenic the percentage drops to 2.4%. The cases in Rome city are at 558.

15:25 – This morning in the gym of Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno) where Lazio in retreat, the team, without exception, was vaccinated with the first dose of Pfizer. The confirmation then also came from Adam Marusic at the press conference. “We all got vaccinated,” said the Lazio winger.

13:56 – According to what Sky TG 24 writes, almost 16 thousand doses of vaccine have been injected in the last 24 hours in Sardinia.

13:33 – At the moment, there are 38 positive patients for the Sars-CoV-2 swab admitted to the Spallanzani From Rome. Four patients are admitted to the ICU.

12.56 – Tokyo 2020, six Italian athletes in quarantine. None of them are positive and they can still train and compete, after having a molecular swab before the competition. In addition to the sportsmen, seven executives are also in fiduciary isolation.

11:58 – “We propose the Green Pass for agonists. This would allow us to circumscribe what is now happening in clusters such as Spezia and Empoli”. Professor Enrico Castellacci, historical physician of the Italian national team, addressed the issue of vaccines in Serie A.

11:39 – In the last 24 hours, over 23,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in Calabria. The data emerges from the latest government report, in which Calabria rises to the penultimate position on a national scale in the ratio between doses administered and delivered (yesterday it was last).

10:58 – The Russia recorded 23,947 new coronavirus cases and 799 deaths. Russia has been in the throes of a wave of cases that authorities attribute to the most contagious Delta variant, although in recent days, cases, at least in Moscow, have begun to decline.

10:25 – “Five out of six of our athletes have been vaccinated. This is 83%, it is a substantial number and we are satisfied with this”. Team USA chief medical officer Jonathan Finnoff said this, as reported by NBC and some Japanese media, answering a question about the swimmer’s case. Michael Andrew. The US doctor also pointed out that the percentage of vaccinated among US athletes is higher than the national average, which is 56%. The number of American athletes present in Tokyo is 613, and therefore there are about a hundred unvaccinated.

10:05 – “Holders, but far from home, or precarious and beaten. Paraphrasing a much more well-known saying, we can thus define the teachers of the Italian school, who seem to be placed in constant punishment by Minister Bianchi. Not behind the blackboard but with obligations of varied, incomprehensible, school system to which, now, there is also the recommendation (a hypocritical alternative to the obligation) of vaccination against COVID-19 for face-to-face lessons “. They declare it Ella Bucalo and Paola Frassinetti, deputies of the Brothers of Italy, responsible for the School and Education departments.

09:38 – “I was negatively surprised. But I don’t want to comment on his words.” To say so, in an interview with The Corriere della Sera, the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, regarding the words of Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the appeals not to get vaccinated. And when asked if they heard after that statement, he replies: “No, I had heard it before the Council of Ministers and we had talked amiably on many issues. If he had any remarks to make, he could tell me on the phone and not through a press conference”.

09:19 – The International Olympic Committee has announced that it will act in the event of a “clear violation” of the rules on COVID-19 in force at the Tokyo Olympics after some athletes and officials paraded without masks during the opening ceremony. Most of the athletes and officials of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan marched – including their respective flag-bearers – without the required mask. Also the two flag bearers of Pakistan, the pistol shooter Khalil Aktar and the badminton player Mahoor Shahzad, were spotted without a mask inside the Olympic stadium.

09:00 – Thousands of protesters against COVID-19 measures gathered on Saturday in the two largest cities Australian, and many were arrested in Sydney after clashes with police. According to the security forces, a group of demonstrators threw vases of flowers and bottles at the mounted soldiers in Sydney, where a one-month “lockdown” was arranged to stem the spread of infections due to the Delta variant. In Melbourne, thousands of people protested in the streets without a mask.

08:40 – The Vietnam has decided to isolate the capital Hanoi to stem the spread of the new wave of COVID-19 infections due to the Delta variant: it is the worst for the Southeast Asian country since the beginning of the pandemic. The city of over 4.6 million inhabitants will be in “lockdown” for the next 15 days, with the request to leave the house only for the purchase of essential goods and for medical treatment. Gatherings of more than 2 people are prohibited and all services are reduced: these are restrictions similar to those adopted on 9 July for Ho Chi Minh City, where 12 million inhabitants live, now extended until 1 August.

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