Covid calls, Fca is the first supplier of Figliuolo. Luxottica and Versalis (Eni) are also on the list. The spending review to reduce costs is underway

Covid calls, Fca is the first supplier of Figliuolo. Luxottica and Versalis (Eni) are also on the list. The spending review to reduce costs is underway
Covid calls, Fca is the first supplier of Figliuolo. Luxottica and Versalis (Eni) are also on the list. The spending review to reduce costs is underway

And to say that, in March 2020, Fiat Chrysler had started production of surgical masks in one of its Asian plants mainly as a contribution to overcoming the health emergency. Sixteen months later, despite the stumbling of a complaint for fraud in public supplies, that of personal protective equipment has become for Fca Italy a business that yields significant revenues. Thanks to the contract signed in July 2020 with the then extraordinary commissioner Domenico Arcuri, the automotive group tops the list of supplier companies of the successor Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, with 102.4 million euros cashed from the moment of its establishment. But the list, reworked by the foundation Openpolis based on data on payments made public by the general, also reserves other surprises. Among the major suppliers of Dpi, for example, is the giant of eyewear Luxottica, while a significant amount of gels and sanitizers comes from Versalis, the petrochemical company of the galaxy Eni. All sub judice: in June Figliuolo announced the start of actions to explore “every margin of renegotiation of the commitments undertaken”From its predecessor, if still outstanding.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the commissioner has signed up 330 contracts for a value of over 4 billion euros, of which 3.5 relating to the period in which the structure was governed by Arcuri and 412 million since Figliuolo was there. Custody for tampons, come, mascherine, vaccines and other medicines, fans lung, cleaning services, staffing, up to the famous benches on wheels for schools. The richest lots were awarded in spring 2020, when finding the dpi was practically impossible, the Chinese Luokai Trade e Wenzhou Light industrial products: respectively 634 million euros for 100 million Ffp3 masks plus 600 million surgical e 590 million for 200 million Ffp2 and Kn95 plus 10 million Ffp3, all through negotiated procedures without tenders or direct assignments. Immediately behind the employment agencies (Etjca, GiGroup, Manpower, Orienta, Randstad, Synergie, Umana) which for a fee of 534 million euros they had the task of supplying doctors and nurses from Arcuri vaccinators.

The highest value contract as auction basis – 1.1 billion for the supply of the anti Covid vaccine – it dates back to last December and on the award, obviously going to one of the companies authorized by the EMA, there is no news (it is one of the “holes” in the reporting platform created last autumn). In second place is the one expiring in September 2021 won last year by FCA thanks to a discount of 68% on the basis, which was of 748 million: the company that is now part of Stellantis has offered to supply the masks for the schools a 12 cents each for a total of 237 million euros.

So today the car group has the lion’s share, according to the list of payments approved so far by Figliuolo who, unlike his predecessor, is providing the details of each disbursement. The table published on the government website shows that from March 1, the day of the handover between the number one of Invitalia and the former Army logistic commander chosen by Draghi, the former Fiat received 26 payments for the same number of delivery tranches. Meanwhile, the masks produced in Mirafiori and Pratola Serra, renamed “pantBecause of the uncomfortable rubber bands, they have been heavily criticized by parents who believe them unusable and last January (after that Strip the news had raised the case) ended up in the center of a complaint to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office signed by the Usb union and by the non-profit organization Rete Iside according to which they would have a filtering power lower than expected.

The second company in terms of amount received by the Figliuolo structure (again on the basis of awards dating back to 2020) is Macron di Valsamoggia, producer of technical sportswear which diversified with surgical masks and Ffp2 but also gowns and protective suits: it was awarded 10 lots and this year grossed 99.5 million. Follows with 86.7 million the historian Pietro Radici weaving mill of Gandino (Bergamo), leader of the Radici group chemical multinational, which in turn has given itself to the production of masks and dpi. The list continues with fashion companies converted to dpi (such as Tuscany Giuntini) and several suppliers of tests, swabs and drugs, from Arrow Diagnostics (51.3 million) a Roche (41.3 million) e Gilead ed Eli Lilly (61 and 37 million respectively). But in between are also the Luxottica by Leonardo Del Vecchio, who in Agordo makes masks in collaboration with Fameccanica and has collected 34.5 million, and Versalis of the Eni group, which it received for the supply of gels and hand sanitizers 23.9 million.

In June Figliuolo announced at the hearing that he wanted to “minimize limpact on public finance“Reviewing existing contracts, if necessary. Objective, an estimated saving of approx 345 million euros. Among the first acts, at the end of March, there was the cancellation of the Arcuri tender for the construction in the Italian squares of the “primrose“Vaccinations, proved useless after the choice to use existing structures. Then the renegotiation of the costs of storage areas, anti-contagion suits and air shipments. Under the banner of the reduction of spending review also the latest moves: with a decree of 5 July the general (following an appeal to the TAR of Siemens) reopened the list of suppliers of equipment for intensive and sub intensive therapies reviewing the discount the fees recognized for various devices, from those for anesthesia to defibrillators. While already at the end of May he had published an “call for expressions of interest” with the aim of finding potential buyers for the 218 million community masks without Ce marking purchased when the emergency regulations allowed their use. Now they are no longer allowed. And the commissioner structure tries to sell them for “different intended use” or at least to start them at recycling without bearing the costs.

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