Green Pass for those recovered from COVID-19: how it works

Green Pass for those recovered from COVID-19: how it works
Green Pass for those recovered from COVID-19: how it works

As of August 6, the Green Pass it will be mandatory in Italy to access public places and events. There are several ways to get it, even for who it is recovered from COVID-19. Let’s see how the issue of the Green Certificate takes place in these cases and what is its duration.

How the Green Pass works for those recovered from COVID-19

Who came in contact with SARS-CoV-2 and it turned out positive for disease, once denied, receives a document indicating the term of validity: six months. Submitting subsequently to the vaccine (within one year of the initial diagnosis) you get the Green Pass which will expire nine months later.

Starting from 20 July 2021, the National Platform-DGC will produce the COVID-19 Green Certifications for vaccination also for those who fell ill and then had the vaccine within one year of the disease, therefore even before 90 days and after 180 days from illness as set out above. This is in accordance with the indications of the CTS of 16 July 2021.

Therefore, everyone who has had COVID and vaccinated within the year of the first positive molecular swab will receive a COVID-19 Green Certification (dose 1 of 1) valid for nine months from the date of vaccine administration.

On the official website we find a clarification also for those who have recovered for less than six months, but have not yet received the Green Certificate (and did not get the vaccine). Here’s what to do in this case.

Only some Regions have sent the data of the healings to the National Platform-DGC for the automatic issuance of Green Certifications for healing. If you have not received an SMS or email with the AUTHCODE and you do not find it in APP IO or by accessing with SPID from the website, it is likely that the doctor or the ASL have not entered the relevant data in the Health Card system. to your certificate of recovery. In this case you must contact your family doctor or the ASL to enter the data into the system. The COVID-19 Green Certification for healing will be released after a few minutes.

Per further information about the Green Pass we refer to the article dedicated to how it works.


Green Pass recovered COVID19 works

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