Covid, “today there are two epidemics”: Remuzzi explains why

Today there are two epidemics: that of the vaccinated and that of the unvaccinated “. For this reason, the director of the Institute of Pharmacological Research Mario Negri states in an interview with Corriere della Sera, Giuseppe Remuzzi, is critical convince the undecided to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The vast majority of hospital admissions, he explains, now concern unvaccinated people: “In Great Britain yesterday, compared to 36 thousand new infections per day, the deaths were ‘only’ 64. On January 20, the infections were 38 thousand and the deaths 1,300” .

“Vaccines licensed in Europe and the United States are extremely powerful in protecting against serious illness and death. On the contrary, we still don’t know how much they block infections, especially in light of the rapid spread of the Delta variant “.

For Remuzzi it is therefore a priority to get everyone vaccinated. In this sense, the green pass “represents an incentive for those who are afraid of vaccines, as can be seen from the boom in bookings. We cannot convince the no-vaxes, but the undecided yes, and there are not a few “.

“Those who speak of ‘limitation of freedom’ are wrong – he adds -: even the driving license could be seen in this way, but we do not want a person who does not have one to drive the car, putting himself and others at risk”.

“It would be important to extend the green pass to schools, giving a kind of ‘suitability’ to vaccinated teachers. In a pandemic – he underlines – it is unthinkable that those who work in contact with other people are not protected ”.

Regarding the administration of the anti Covid vaccine to children and young people, Remuzzi explains that “mRna-based vaccines have proved to be very effective and safe in under 18. Cases of myocarditis and pericarditis (4 out of 100 thousand vaccinated) resolve spontaneously within of a few days and there is no risk of complications “.

“On the contrary – he adds – Covid in children can cause, albeit very rarely, the multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which requires intensive care and can cause undesirable effects even after some time”.

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