Covid, down the shutters of a bar in Centocelle for a contact with a positive. The owner: “Health first of all”

Covid, down the shutters of a bar in Centocelle for a contact with a positive. The owner: “Health first of all”
Covid, down the shutters of a bar in Centocelle for a contact with a positive. The owner: “Health first of all”

One great gesture of responsibility, of those that are rarely seen. The owner of the “Brown Bar“, In the Centocelle area, has decided to lower the shutter to secure the customers of the commercial establishment from possible infections of Covid-19.

In a post published on Facebook, the owner of the bar, Lia Duca, he explained the courageous decision, despite the economic difficulties that many merchants are facing due to the economic crisis born of the coronavirus pandemic.

Compliance with the protocol

One strict compliance of the protocol that provides for the closure of commercial establishments in the event of a positive coronavirus report. This is explained by the owner, who tells her customers that the bar will be closed from this morning because there has been contact with a positive for the virus.

There is no fear of probable health risks, explains the owner of the bar, since the whole team of the commercial operation has been vaccinated and no one is positive. “But we have to abide by the protocol – writes Lia Duca – We will be closed for a few days and will open after sanitizing”.

A difficult choice especially in such a particular economic moment. But the owner of the “Bar Castani” does not give up and knows she can count on a loyal clientele. “I am not going to tell you how hard it is not being able to work in this period, but health must always be in the first place – reads the post on Facebook – We are also heartbroken for all our customers who will find themselves in difficulty, we hope to find you all in a few daysi ”, thus the owner of the venue.

Applause comes from the users of the social network, who praise the decision of the owner of the bar, but at the same time criticize and judge the prevention measures for the spread of Covid-19 as extremely punitive for the owners of the premises.

“Dragons Effect”

After the words spoken by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi Thursday evening on vaccination, with the premier who stressed that “the appeal not to get vaccinated is a call to die“, Thus inviting all Italians to be given the vaccine because”they must protect themselves and their families”, There was an increase in bookings to receive the vaccine.

Yesterday, as certified also by the Covid emergency commissioner, the general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, there was a real booking boom on regional platforms.

Today we have registered a boom in bookings ranging from +15 to + 200% according to the Regions”Said the commissioner, while the threshold of doses administered has exceeded 64 million.

The people who have completed the vaccination cycle are 29,198,814, 54.06% of the over 12 population. But there are numbers that still worry, and not a little: they are in fact beyond 4.8 million Italians over 50 who have not yet taken even a dose, remaining highly uncovered against Coronavirus and the Delta variant.

Positive numbers for the Lazio region, presented by the Regional Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato. “Since yesterday’s announcement by Prime Minister Mario Draghi regarding the Green Pass, we have had over 38,000 new bookings for vaccines, an important boost in a region like Lazio which today has exceeded 6.5 million doses. and in which 62% of the adult population has completed the vaccination cycle”.

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