too many quarrels, betrayals and internal fronds – Time

too many quarrels, betrayals and internal fronds – Time
too many quarrels, betrayals and internal fronds – Time

Within the majority of the government there is fibrillation and it is a minister who tells the outburst of Mario Draghi: “Draghi is a patient man, used to negotiations. But he got bored. You will see ”. The sentence comes from the last frantic days experienced by Italy between controversies over the green pass and justice reform: according to the Premier, the parties do not realize the gravity of the moment the country is experiencing. The national unity of the first days has now vanished and everyone goes their own way, with continuous shots and broadsides from all sides.

The European Union has given the OK to the PNRR, but it is not possible – underlines Libero – to go back to the times of continuous quarrels, of personalities, of the unmarking of parties towards the government and internal fronds towards the party leaders, of the betrayal of the agreements made. All these problems put together force the ministers into grueling mediations and slow down the government’s action, in a period in which Draghi is convinced that the most difficult part of the route still has to be faced.

The premier is worried about what may happen starting from 3 August, the date on which the white semester will begin, a period in which the President of the Republic cannot dissolve the Chambers: the disorder will go to the highest levels and it will be above all the 5 Star Movement to create chaos. The relationship with the Grillini has definitely deteriorated after the tear on the justice reform of Marta Cartabia, who had found an agreement with the pentastellated ministers, before being heavily attacked by the parliamentarians of the M5S. And Draghi twists his mouth also for the continuous attacks on the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani. But it is not only the Movement in the crosshairs: even Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, often irritates everyone at Palazzo Chigi with his misplaced outings.

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quarrels betrayals internal fronds Time

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