Ciociaria, Covid, 25 new positives in Ciociaria: cases on the rise

Ciociaria, Covid, 25 new positives in Ciociaria: cases on the rise
Ciociaria, Covid, 25 new positives in Ciociaria: cases on the rise

Cases are still on the rise in Ciociaria on the Covid-19 front. The new positives, according to the ASL bulletin are 25, out of a total of 789 swabs. You are the negativized.

Fortunately, the death toll has remained stable at zero for a month now. Of the new positives 7 are in Frosinone, 4 in Strangolagalli, 3 in Cervaro and Ferentino, 2 in Alatri and Roccasecca. A new positive in Atina, Cassino, Pontecorvo and Supino.

Comparison with yesterday
20 new positives in 12 different centers yesterday. Casalattico with 4 is the first on the list, followed by Sora with 3, Frosinone, Ceccano and Monte San Giovanni Campano with 2, Alvito, Colfelice, Ferentino, Fiuggi, Pontecorvo, Roccasecca and Strangolagalli with one.

The message of the ASL
“Among the population assisted in the Frosinone ASL, 50% of young people between 16 and 19 years old and 55% of young people between 20 and 29 years old have joined the vaccination campaign. We are very close to the goal of achieving the immunity of community, but precisely because we are in the last stretch of the path, when we are close to the goal, we need a further effort, perhaps greater than that made so far,

In fact, in recent weeks, the cases of positivity of entire families have increased. Some are no vax, but more than half are attributable to parties between teenagers and several also belong to the same family unit.

The data shows good coverage for all other age groups. Precisely for this reason, we must push the other half of young people to vaccinate so that they are not the vectors of the virus for everyone else. Until we are all vaccinated, the virus always finds a place to sit and turn and travel among everyone. Let’s protect ourselves! “

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