Covid, Lazio decides to get vaccinated, but some players say no

Covid, Lazio decides to get vaccinated, but some players say no
Covid, Lazio decides to get vaccinated, but some players say no

The first dose today in the Auronzo retreat. They try to convince doubters at the last minute

Lazio today get vaccinated against Covid in the Auronzo di Cadore retreat, but not all the Biancocelesti players have accepted the company’s proposal to undergo the treatment. In fact, there would be 3-4 who would have expressed strong doubts in this regard and declined (at least for the moment) the invitation of the club to get vaccinated. The Roman company hopes to convince them at the last minute and is also confident of succeeding (to this end, contacts with those directly involved have been initiated since yesterday evening). But in the meantime, after the similar case of Spezia, the Roman club will also be forced to officially face the no vax problem within its team group, if the refusal of players who are not yet convinced to get vaccinated should be confirmed. All this right in the most delicate moment of the affair vaccines yes-vaccines no.


Lazio, acknowledging the Football Federation’s invitation to favor the players’ anti-Covid vaccination as much as possible, had already decided in recent days to take advantage of the Auronzo di Cadore withdrawal period to guarantee the first dose of vaccine to the entire team group. The leaders of the Capitoline club thus got in touch with Luca Zaia, the president of the Veneto Region, to study the feasibility of the operation (due to territorial competence, vaccination could only be authorized and organized by the region in which it would take place). Governor Zaia welcomed Lazio’s proposal and immediately took action to set up a vaccination point in Auronzo for today. The first dose of Pfizer will be ready this morning for all the players present in retreat (about thirty at the moment), the booster with the second dose will then be carried out in Rome in three weeks. Vaccine for everyone except those who have already done so. These are the three Italian national teams who received it before the European championship (Acerbi, Immobile and Lazzari; the first two are not in Auronzo these days because they are on vacation after having been involved in the European Championships until 11 July) and then Leiva who had independently provided himself with vaccinations before reaching the Auronzo retreat. The situation is different for Vavro. The Slovakian defender contracted Covid in June, got out of it, but cannot get vaccinated at the moment.


In short, everything seemed to be going well, with the real possibility for Sarri’s Lazio to have the entire squad immunized before the start of the championship. A move that, among other things, would have calmed the Biancoceleste environment after the vicissitudes of last season, conditioned for a very long period by the tampons case, which broke out in November and whose judicial appendages held the bench until late spring, with the second sentences degree to the president Claudio Lotito and to the social doctors Ivo Pulcini and Fabio Rodia (12 months of inhibition for each of the three; conviction against which the Coni College of Guarantee has yet to be pronounced in the third degree). Everything seemed to be going well, it was said, but then yesterday afternoon the case of the no vax exploded and threatened to compromise everything. A case that can still be covered if – as society hopes – the work of moral suasion towards doubters is successful. But that, otherwise, risks turning the team vaccination operation into a boomerang. Also for the possible negative implications that there would be inside the locker room. It should be remembered – as the Football Federation itself did – that vaccination is not mandatory for players in Italy. There would therefore be no professional consequence on a possible choice by some Lazio player (or other team) to say no to the vaccine. However, the football federation and the players’ association continue to recommend players to join the vaccination campaign.

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Covid Lazio decides vaccinated players

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