Covid, the anger of doctors still on the front line: “We hospitalize only unvaccinated, they are often young. Those who have made the 2 doses manageable from home, even the 60-year-olds”

Tiziana Maniscalchi she has recently put her coat back in the locker, said goodbye to her colleagues and returned home. “Only this afternoon we have hospitalized 7-8, we are again uphill. We are starting over and it does anger, because we should take care of other diseases ”. Last week’s patients are “All not vaccinated”, he says, confirming what the statistics of the monitoring ofHigher Institute of Health photograph clearly: “The complete vaccination presents a ‘very high efficacy, particularly protective for hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths. Today the case curve for those with unvaccinated status is evident, while for the full cycle vaccinated it is almost not perceptible “, explained the president Silvio Brusaferro. Field doctors see it day by day, ahead of the health authorities’ report. Dr. Maniscalchi’s is a “privileged” observatory. It is the primary of the emergency room dell’Brain hospital of Palermo, covid hub of the Villa Sofia-Cervello hospital group. The first line of western Sicily in the fight against the new wave, one long tail avoidable: “We are guaranteeing everyone the opportunity to get vaccinated – says Maniscalchi – So these are patients who shouldn’t stay in hospital today”.

Instead, in the last few weeks the flow has started to grow again: “And the day after today we observe that in the accesses to the emergency room the percentage of people ‘covered’ decreases and the percentage of patients who are not vaccinated rises”. With one substantial difference, the primary (photo on the left, ed): “I infected who have taken a dose or the complete cycle they are systematically sent home after the tests. And let’s talk about over 60, often of people with comorbilità. In other words, patients who without the vaccine would certainly have suffered asevere evolution of the disease “. An episode for everyone: “A few days ago we quietly discharged a couple from the emergency room, she is 67 years old and he 65 years old, patient broncopatico e heart disease, with diabetes. Without the vaccine it would never have happened ”, underlines Maniscalchi.

Traveling to other regions, the situation is identical. The professor confirms this Antonio Moschetta, internist serving in the hub of the Fiera del Levante in Bari, he reiterates Antonino Marchese, health director Covid hospital 3 Casalpalocco, at the gates of Roma. Those who arrive at the hospital are almost exclusively unvaccinated. In the wards of sub-intensive e intensive care the percentage of new accesses is totally shifted among those who did not have injections. Also young. The story is always the same. And Maniscalchi underlines: “Meanwhile, circulation also stops those who are vaccinated, limiting their freedom. I would like to go on vacation to Santorini or to find my brother in Spain, after almost two years away – regrets the primary of the Brain – Instead I still have to give it up ”.

The necessity of “caution” is also reiterated by Moschetta, ordinary of internal medicine of the Bari Polyclinic for months engaged in the sub-intensive of the center set up by Puglia region between the first and second wave: “At the moment we have 8 people, all unvaccinated, in assisted ventilation not mechanical “. A situation that does not only concern the elderly: “Age varies, we go to one 80enne to two forty years old up to two athletes. The common factor is the lack of vaccination and now all of them realize that they made a mistake, they tell us ”, he says. The effect of Pfizer, Modern, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson, in short, is clearly visible. A concept on which the professor insists: “We have to get out of rhetoric of the vaccine such as hope. It is already one certainty. We are the paradigm of protection health workers – he explains – In our wards, during the first wave, which in Puglia was not devastating, many fell ill with symptoms. During the second of March and April, very violent, we were all vaccinated and we had zero infected operators. I repeat: zero “.

The pockets of reluctant to join the country they are called a phenomenon “Hallucinating” da Marchese, who also had to convert the operating rooms to get to 120 seats reserved for Covid patients, of which 40 in intensive care and 18 in sub-intensive care. “Today we have some 36 employed, ten patients are in intensive care and 8 in sub-intensive care. All unvaccinated, ”he says in one breath. Repent? “I don’t think so, the idea is that they stay on theirs contrary position to the vaccine “. The medical director does not use metaphors: “I am speechless, there are no objections to duty to get vaccinated “. The hard way out of Mario Draghi on the day of approval of the decree which introduces the green pass to access various activities has been welcomed in the departments that are starting to feel the first in these days fibrillations arising from the growth of infections recorded in the last two weeks: “He did well – underlines Marchese – Now is the time to make respect the rules introduced with the green pass. Otherwise the virus it will remain everyone’s problem ”.

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