Covid-free islands also in Italy such as Greece: here are which ones

If Greece succeeds, why shouldn’t we? This is the opinion of the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia who is thinking of a plan for the creation of a model of isole Covid-free also for Italy.

Starting from 2 June, many of our islands scattered along the Italian coasts could therefore become safe from a health point of view and therefore also to spend peaceful holidays there.

“In France we speak of July 14, in the USA of July 4, June 2 is our national holiday and it could be a reopening date for us”, explained the minister guest on TV. “Greece has a lot of small islands and that’s why it’s moving in that direction. The point is to create mechanisms that make it simple to circulate. The direction seems clear enough to me “, Garavaglia said.

The plan would certainly concern the smaller islands of Sicily, such as Panarea, Alicudi, Filicudi and the other Aeolian Islands, the splendid Egadi, Marettimo, Favignana, Levanzo and the others, the Pelagie such as Lampedusa, Linosa, the Island of Rabbits. It was precisely the councilor for tourism of the region, Mimmo Turano, who supported this idea, starting from the vaccination of the few inhabitants of the islands, thus making them also Covid-free. Turano had in fact said: “Covid-free is the watchword to truly help the economy of our smaller islands. Immediately vaccinating the population of the Sicilian islands means protecting their health, but also giving these territories the opportunity to come out of the crisis with their own hands by fighting on equal terms with the competition of Greece which is already immunizing the inhabitants of the more touristy islands “.

It is not too early to decide. If the islands are to reopen to tourism on June 2nd, hurry up. If some businesses can be reopened overnight, such as shops for example, for others it takes longer to organize, such as for the reopening of hotels.

Getting tourists back to the islands – but to any other holiday resort, in fact – shouldn’t be so difficult, given the measures in place and those that are about to be taken, at least at a European level.

“The so-called Green Pass is being discussed at European level“, Recalled Garavaglia, “A sort of pass, that is to say, to circulate between one country and another. Three hypothesized conditions: being vaccinated, having Covid antibodies and a negative swab. We already have an example, and it is “Safe Sardinia”, a protocol that has been active for about a month and a half “.

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