Center-right mayor of Opera arrested: ‘In full emergency Covid took masks intended for the rsa to give them to family and friends’

Center-right mayor of Opera arrested: ‘In full emergency Covid took masks intended for the rsa to give them to family and friends’
Center-right mayor of Opera arrested: ‘In full emergency Covid took masks intended for the rsa to give them to family and friends’
In the first months of the emergency Covid, when the masks and protective devices were unobtainable and contagions for Coronavirus reared up, the center-right mayor of Opera (Milano) Antonino Nucera has subtracted the supplies intended for rsa e pharmacy to give them to friends and family. It is one of the charges for which the mayor ended up under house arrest, arrested this morning by the carabinieri together with the head of the technical office of the Municipality of Rosaria Gaeta, romantically linked to Nucera, and to entrepreneurs Giovanni Marino, Giuseppe Corona e Rosario Bonina. The alleged offenses are: embezzlement, corruption for an act contrary to official duties, disturbed freedom of the procedure for choosing the contractor and trafficking of waste regarding the burying of waste in the South Milan agricultural park. In the late morning the prefect of Milan Renato Saccone he suspended Nocera and his functions will be carried out by the Northern League deputy mayor Ettore Fusco.

“Listen mayor .. the masks .. did you steal some of the RSA ones?” – In the order of over 200 pages signed by Judge Fabrizio Filice we speak of “masks, intended, in the quantities indicated below, for the RSA Anni Azzurri Mirasole by Opera – Frazione Noverasco (supplies by the Metropolitan City of Milan and the Civil Protection) and to municipal pharmacy of Opera, in particular: 2,380 direct devices to the RSA; 500 devices that are part of the supply to the municipal pharmacy “. For a total of “2,880 personal protective equipment“.

You take 500 of those masks and take them to the Town Hall in my office, okay?“, Says the mayor Nucera in an interception to an employee of the municipal pharmacy. While the ex-wife talking to the mayor: “The masks to mine, who don’t have any. Because they go shopping without wearing them, understood, they are finished ”. And in another phone call, a municipal employee asked the mayor for masks for fellow employees: “Listen, mayor … the masks, the blue ones, did you steal some of the ones that were supposed to go to the RSA?”. Sometimes, however, it was the mayor who asked for the masks, as during a telephone conversation with the director of an RSA: “How are you director, how are you wearing masks? Help me? Do you have some for me? ”. And the other: “And what do you do first give them to me and then take them off?”. And after a laugh: “They gave me some, let’s do half and half”. “I come there doing the whole scene, do you understand what I mean? With you, we take two photos, because it is right that I emphasize you… “. On several occasions, in fact, the mayor had been photographed while distributing masks to personnel in various capacities involved in the pandemic. Between March and April 2020, the mayor of Opera would be able to get hold of 150 masks from the metropolitan city of Milan through a “presumed need for a cooperative operating at the RSA of Opera”. On 28 March 2020 “Nucera was interested in supplying 2,000 masks ordered by the Municipality of Opera in favor of the municipal pharmacy “and” activated immediately, giving directives for the collection of the devices and for their division, providing a clear indication of how 500 masks should be kept aside and transported directly to his office ” .

“It also fostered speculation on the purchase of thermal scanners” – Among the episodes disputed to the mayor of Opera, there is also that of having favored speculation on the purchase of thermoscanners. The fact was ascertained during the first wave of the pandemic, in 2020, when a procedure for the purchase of thermo-scanner instruments for measuring body temperature to be installed in the buildings of the Municipality of Opera, the local police and the municipal pharmacy was “prepared ad hoc as an epidemic prevention measure by Sars-Covid-2, this in order to favor “Marino Costruzioni srl” as an effective procurer of customers on behalf of the supplier “Domotec srl”, matching the request for an offer with requirements dictated by the entrepreneurs Marino Giovanni and Corona Giuseppe, such as to allow them revenues equal to approximately three times the actual market cost of temperature meters “. It was about three thermoscanner devices “at a total price of Euro 10,980.74 + VAT”.

“The mayor has systematically interfered in tenders to guide the assignment of public works” – The wiretapping that brought out the case of the masks had, however, been authorized for the procurement investigation. According to the initial findings of the investigation launched in February 2020 – and coordinated by the adjunct prosecutors, Alessandra Dolci and Maurizio Romanelli and by the substitutes Silvia Bonardi and Stefano Civardi, and conducted by the investigative unit of the Arma – between February and October 2020, the mayor “with the unconditional support of the manager of the technical office and the agreement of some officials and consultants of the Municipality “, he”systematically interfered in some banned tender procedures, to guide the assignment of public works in favor of conniving entrepreneurs, receiving from the latter substantial utilities. In this context, serious criminal environmental conduct carried out by the same entrepreneurs investigated through storage, reuse and burial – in construction site areas in the Municipality of Opera and in agricultural areas within the Parco Sud of Milan have also been documented. – of about a thousand tons of asphalt and other material coming from road works and other interventions contracted by the Municipalities of Opera, Locate di Triulzi, San Zenone al Lambro, Segrate, Monza, falsely certifying the regular recovery of the aforementioned special waste through false “forms” obtained by the managers of two centers of disposal, the latter investigated on the loose “.

When the mayor said “we are forced to attend the Roman power games” – The former M5s senator Nicola Morra, president of the Anti-Mafia Commission, on Twitter relaunched a comment published on social networks by Nucera last January 13: the mayor complained that “in the midst of the health and economic emergency we are going through, while we should only discuss the useful tools to speed up the plan vaccinal, we are instead forced to attend the power games of the Roman button rooms. While they agree on how to divide the seats, we administrators, mere mortals, think only of working for our communities, as we have always done ”.

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