the new data from Great Britain

the new data from Great Britain
the new data from Great Britain

More than half of the people who have contracted Covid-19 with a strong viral load have no symptoms. And the lack of signs of the disease would explain why the pandemic spread so quickly and widely, since positive people contributed to the spread of the virus without knowing they contracted it. This is what emerges from an analysis conducted in Great Britain by the Office for National Statistics (Ons), which explains that the 53% of people with a high viral load analyzed in March reported being asymptomatic, compared with 47% who had symptoms.

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“The classic symptoms of fatigue, headache and cough are those most commonly reported by those who have been infected with the coronavirus, while about one in 5 experiences only the loss of taste or smell,” explained Sarah Crofts of the Ons . “About half of those we tested reported no symptoms, even though they had high levels of the virus in their body. This underlines that people may unknowingly have the virus and potentially pass it on to others, ”he added.

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During the month of March, reports the ONS, 36% of the people interviewed reported the classic symptoms associated with Covid-19, while 28% reported cough, 20% reported fever and 12% complained of lack of breath. Loss of taste and smell was reported by 14% of patients, while 6% also reported diarrhea and pain.

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