Rt at 0.96 and incidence at 160.3. AstraZeneca only over 60. Intensive care at the limit of 30% “

President Luca Zaia live today, 8 April, for the usual press point from the Marghera civil protection office. The latest data on the contagion front and the updates of the vaccination campaign in Veneto in the morning bulletin. The RT updated to date has dropped to 0.96, while the incidence of infections is 160.3 positive per 100 thousand inhabitants.


Veneto records 1.241 Covid infections in the last 24 hours, e 24 deaths. The bulletin of the Region reports it. The new positives are the result of the analyzes of 44.878 tampons, equal to an incidence of 2.76%. The total number of infected since the beginning of the epidemic rises to 392.294, that of the victims to 10,861. The number of currently positive subjects continues to decline, 34.139, and the pressure on hospitals is also lowered. Overall, Covid patients are hospitalized 2.268, -200 compared to the peak recorded on March 31 last, and 30 less than yesterday; in particular, 1.947 (-28) are the number of beds occupied in non-critical wards, 321 (-2), those in intensive care.


Intensive therapies are at 30% we are therefore at the limit threshold, while in the non-critical area hospitalizations are at 27% while the maximum threshold is at 49%.


Done 34.681 vaccines in one day, 77% of those over eighty were vaccinated. Under the age of 60, in this phase, AstraZeneca vaccines are not carried out in Veneto as a precaution. Above 60, on the other hand, AstraZeneca is administered unless there are different indications from doctors. After the eighties, the vaccines of the seventy-year-olds are started. “The Veneto region has decided at this stage not to take the AstraZeneca vaccine under the age of 60 – explains Zaia – the ministry has clarified that the calls are AstraZeneca on AstraZeneca regardless of age, because those who have already done so mean that they do not He has had problems”

“In Veneto we have two million citizens between over 60 and vulnerable people, these are the priorities. I hope that the indications on AstraZeneca will make us close the target – explains Zaia – the only thing is that we have few vaccines left. And if we have a few, we don’t go on. Today is a happy day because we have had 34,681 vaccines, we are 77% of the coverage over 80, with 27,510 first doses. We have 199 thousand vaccines available, by the end of the evening there will be 160 thousand, we devour them. Of these 68 thousand were AstraZeneca, 93 thousand Pfizer and 37 Moderna ”.


Today a video conference between the presidents of the Region and Prime Minister Mario Draghi.


Just under 10 thousand health workers in Veneto have not yet received the vaccine. “The decree that provides for the compulsory vaccines for health workers is getting results – confirms Zaia – many are asking to undergo vaccination”.


Since April 1, the day of activation, there have been 130 thousand bookings for vaccines on the new portal of the Veneto Region. “Now we have to study how – explains Dr. Toniolo – so that even the carers of fragile people have to book in order to get the vaccine. For the disabled we will vaccinate a companion, while the cohabitants, therefore parents and siblings, of the extremely vulnerable under the age of 16 have the right to vaccination ». The disabled and the extremely vulnerable in Veneto are 400 thousand.

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