The Covid Unit has been strengthened, record of hospitalized in the past few hours at the Siena polyclinic

48 new entries in the last 5 days. Professor Barretta: “We are fielding additional resources and energy from our hospital”140 patients are hospitalized in the Covid areas of the Sienese university hospital, of which 20 in intensive care, with 7 admissions and 7 discharges compared to the last 24 hours. The numbers reached on the date of April 6 were records for the Santa Maria alle Scotte polyclinic, never occurred since the first hospitalization for Covid dating back to February 2020.

«Our hospital – explains Professor Antonio Barretta, general director of the Aou Senese – is putting in place further resources and energy and for this I thank our professionals. As far as possible we are trying to help other hospitals in the Region, admitting patients from other provinces but these numbers – continues Professor Barretta – bring us closer to the limit of 162 places dedicated to Covid admissions. The next few days will be essential to analyze the progress of the pandemic and continue to monitor with the regional health system the possible actions to be taken to address this peak. At the same time we started other works that will allow us to reach a maximum capacity of 182 hospitalized, with the addition of another 20 beds in the third lot ».

Over the weekend there were 48 new entrants in the last 5 days, which led to a total of 935 hospitalized in the Aou Senese for Covid since February 2020. Also for this reason the company management has approved the strengthening of the Covid Unit, implementing the availability of the doctors employed by the Santa Maria alle Scotte polyclinic to serve in the Covid area and by setting up a group of multidisciplinary professionals who can represent a valid support for the clinical-assistance needs of the departments, especially in the event of any further expansion

“The strengthening of the Covid Unit – says Dr. Roberto Gusinu, medical director of the Aou Senese – was necessary due to the significant increase in hospitalizations and thanks to the availability that our doctors have given to support professional colleagues engaged in the struggle for months. to the pandemic. From the beginning we have set up our care for Covid patients with a multidisciplinary approach, and this strengthening is developing in this direction ».

At the same time, the activity of administering vaccines to the Vax Unit is proceeding, established in recent days to formalize the operational organization active since last December and located on the ground floor of the first lot, near the old emergency room. As of April 7, a total of 21,926 vaccinations have been carried out in the Aou Senese, of which 9841 first doses for healthcare professionals, 9575 second doses for healthcare professionals, 2314 first doses for frail patients, 196 second doses for frail patients.


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