Vaccines, booking boom in the Regions. Son: + 15% to + 200%

Vaccines, booking boom in the Regions. Son: + 15% to + 200%
Vaccines, booking boom in the Regions. Son: + 15% to + 200%

In Piedmont “requests doubled”

Also in Piedmont a “Draghi effect” linked to the green pass is already visible. A few hours after the government’s decisions on the matter, “reservations for vaccinations against Covid-19 have doubled,” said Governor Alberto Cirio. “Yesterday’s decisions of the Government – Cirio emphasized – had the effect of doubling the requests for vaccinations in Piedmont: every hour on our portal we record double the number of subscriptions compared to the average of the previous days”.

The boom in Abruzzo

Boom in bookings for the vaccine also in Abruzzo: on 22 July there were 800 more bookings than the previous day and compared to the daily average of the last period, while on the morning of 23 July at 10.30 the requests were already 1,611, data of slightly less than the total that, in the last few days, was recorded in the 24 hours.

The adhesions also increased in Campania

Citizens’ adhesions to the portal for the administration of the first dose of the vaccine are also increasing in Campania. «The average – explained Massimo Bisogno, of the Regional Crisis Unit – was in the last weeks of 4-5 thousand subscriptions per day. But yesterday there was a boom with the day that closed with 10 thousand new members. Today around 3.30 pm there were already 8 thousand new ones booked ».

The surge in Emilia-Romagna

After the news first on the possible use and then on the decision yesterday by the Government to introduce the Green pass, there was a surge in bookings for the vaccine also in Emilia-Romagna. In just over four days, from Monday 19 July to the morning of Friday 23 July, over 77 thousand new bookings were received by the health authorities. To make the Green pass effect clear, a figure that comes from the Asl Romagna: in the early hours of Friday, July 16, bookings were about 1,600; from midnight to 3 on Friday 23 July, the number has more than tripled to 5,057.

The vaccinated and the audience

At the moment, the people who have completed the vaccination cycle are just over 29 million, equal to 53.7% of the population over 12 years. The audience of those entitled is 54 million. The attention of the government and the commissioner for the emergency, Francesco Figliuolo, remains on the situation of the elderly: in the over 60 group there are still over two million people who have not yet received any dose of vaccine and, in total, 3, 9 million those who have not yet completed their cycle and are exposed to contagion. On the opposite side of the age spectrum, there are the youngest: in view of the return to school, Figliuolo invited the Regions to give priority to the immunization of students. Boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 19 are barely fully vaccinated 545mil (11.8%). There remain to “cover” – between first doses and recalls – 4 million.


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