Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Opening Ceremony: how many emotions!

TOKYO (Japan) – It has begun at 13 Italian (20 in Japan) to end just before 17, the Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremony. The delegation of the Greece, as per tradition, he was the first to walk in the Tokyo Olympic stadium. L’Italy instead it was the eighteenth. The blue flag bearers were Jessica Rossi e Elia Viviani; Paola Egonu instead she carried the IOC flag, along with five other athletes from other continents. 206 countries marched today for the Tokyo 2020 inaugural ceremony. Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka was honored with being the last torch bearer and therefore lighting the fire on the Olympic tripod.

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Olympics, the live broadcast of the Opening Ceremony

Ore 16.54 – The opening ceremony of the Games, which lasted almost four hours, ends with the lighting of the Olympic fire.

Ore 16.48 – The Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka is the last torchbearer: the 23-year-old number 2 ranking WTA lights up the Tokyo 2020 Olympic tripod.

Ore 16.39 – The Olympic torch, carried by the last torchbearers, enters the Tokyo Stadium.

Ore 16.30 – Three “flesh and blood” pictograms danced in the center of the field showing all 50 symbols of the sports planned for Tokyo 2020.

Ore 16.16 – Paola Egonu, an Italian volleyball player, who is the standard-bearer of the IOC, enters the stadium, together with five other athletes. The others are Moroccan Mehdi Essadiq (triathlon), Argentine Paula Pareto (judo), Cameroonian Cyrille Tchatchet II (weightlifting), Australian Elena Galiabovitch (shooting) and Japanese Kento Momota (badminton).

Tokyo 2020, Egonu: “Opening ceremony? I cried at Malagò’s call”

Ore 16.12 – Emperor Naruhito officially opens Tokyo 2020: “I declare open the Games celebrating the thirty-second edition of the Olympics“.

Ore 16.10 –A goosebumps feeling“. So Elia Viviani, one of the two Italian flag bearers at the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, tells Ansa about his emotions, while the ceremony is still in progress.”It was a very strong emotion – says the blue cyclist – when they called Italy, our group exploded into a huge roar: Jessica Rossi and I had goosebumps. It was the moment when we felt Italian, and at the top. The empty stadium took effect later: but we enjoyed it from the departure for the sadio, with the message of good wishes to President Mattarella, up to the parade“.

Ore 16.06 –Today is a time of hope – says Bach – we treasure this moment, because we are finally here, all together. Athletes from 205 National Olympic Committees and the IOC Refugee Olympic Team, who live together under one roof in the Olympic Village. This is the unifying power of sport. We can all be together here only thanks to you, our kind guests, the Japanese people, to whom we would like to express all our appreciation and support“.

Ore 16.05 – Thomas Bach, president of the IOC speaks, praising Japan for being able to organize the Olympics despite the enormous difficulties due to Covid-19: I want to express my respect and appreciation for Japan. On behalf of all the athletes I want to express my deep gratitude. It has been a difficult journey, with unprecedented challenges. I thank all the doctors, nurses and people of Japan who helped contain the pandemic“. Bach added one”special“thanks”to the volunteers who have gone through all of this, you are the best ambassadors for Japan“.

Ore 16.03 –It was all great, right from the delivery of the flag, with teammates shouting and cheering us on. Then the entrance to the stadium with the emotion that invests you, you really enjoy it“. Jessica Rossi, blue flag bearer at the Tokyo fashion show with Elia Viviani, tells Ansa about her emotion.”Unfortunately it lasted a while – adds – because they made the cut and the tour was not complete: the stadium was then empty. But regardless of the lack of audience, you are there and you know what you are doing, in this situation it is an even more significant honor to have such a role.“.

Ore 16 –We have prepared for the Games with the collaboration of an infinite number of people who are resolute in our determination to create an event where everyone who takes part can feel safe. I hope this opening ceremony can make a small contribution towards a positive future where everyone strives to achieve the best for themselves by feeling truly united in diversity.“This was stated by the president of the organizing committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Seiko Hashimoto, during her speech at the Olympic Stadium during the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony.

Ore 15.55 –Chills. Entering this stadium with all the blue delegation, the best of world sport enclosed in a single parade. It was really goosebumps“. The Italian basketball star, Danilo Gallinari, present at the Tokyo Olympics, writes in a tweet, publishing a video of the Azzurri parade at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Ore 15.48 – John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is sung live in the stadium, in chorus. The famous piece by the former Beatle is sung by the Suginami Junior Chorus with the participation in video of Angelique Kidjo, Alejandro Sanz, John Legend and Keith Urban.

Ore 15.46 – Above the stadium, in the night sky, 1,824 drones put on a show forming the world and the symbol of Tokyo 2020.

Ore 15.45 –Strong chills. Special emotions. Like you, ready to honor the Italian flag and make it wave high in Tokyo 2020 to give us a dream to live with open eyes. With strength, talent and pride. Come on girls, come on guys. Let’s go Italy!“. Coni president Giovanni Malagò writes on twitter, commenting on the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games.

Ore 15.42 – Projected a video of Agnes Keleti, 100 years old in January, the oldest living Olympic gold medalist. In artistic gymnastics, for Hungary, he won five Olympic titles between 1952 and 1956.

Ore 15.40 – It’s time for the Olympic oath. On behalf of the athletes swear by Ryota Yamagata (athletics) and Kasumi Ishikawa (table tennis), holding the flag with the five circles in their hand.

Ore 15.37 – The Japanese team settles in the center of the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, thus concluding the parade of the participating countries.

Ore 15.32 – The parade of 206 participating countries in Tokyo 2020 closes with three giants: the United States, France and the hosts of Japan.

Ore 15.29 – We have arrived at the 200th national delegation: it is that of Luxembourg.

Ore 15.25 – They were 110 athletes from the Italian delegation who marched (of 21 different disciplines) out of the 384 expected in Tokyo 2020 (record of blue attendance at the Olympics).

Ore 15.22 – On the stands there is also Prince Albert II of Monaco, who greets the passage of the delegation of his Principality.

Ore 15.20 – We arrived at 180 delegations who marched: now it’s up to South Sudan.

Ore 15.05 – Country number 150 on 206 parades: it’s Puerto Rico.

Ore 14.50 – Here is China with a large delegation of athletes: in Beijing, however, the 2022 Winter Games are scheduled in a few months. China is the 110th nation, out of 206, to parade.

Ore 14.40 – Spain has swimmer Mireia Belmonte and canoeist Saul Craviotto as flag bearers: both have already won at least one Olympic gold medal.

Ore 14.30 – Here is the passage of athletes from Russia, disqualified for the state doping scandal a few years ago. The Russians parade with a flag chosen by the IOC.

Ore 14.26 – The small Republic of San Marino also parades. 206 countries participate in the Tokyo Olympics. San Marino is the 76th delegation to parade: the flag bearers are the swimmer Arianna Valloni and the wrestler Myles Nazem Amine Mularoni.

Ore 14.05 – The national teams participating in Tokyo 2020 continue to parade, but there are protests against the Games outside the Tokyo national stadium where the opening ceremony of the Olympics is underway. A hundred protesters are protesting against the holding of the event despite the surge in new Coronavirus cases in Japan.

Ore 13.57 – The national teams continue to parade, in alphabetical order: it is time for Great Britain, which historically participates in the Games, united.

Ore 13.51 – The Azzurri wear a white suit with a tricolor rising sun in front and almost all of them wave a small white-red-green flag.

Ore 13.50 – Here is the parade of Italy with the flag-bearers Jessica Rossi (skeet shooting) and Elia Viviani (track cycling).

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Tokyo 2020, here is Italy: Rossi and Viviani wave the flag

Ore 13.39 – The participating nations begin to parade: Greece, home of the Olympics, begins.

Ore 13.30 – Broadcast a video message from Muhammad Yunus, a Bengali economist and banker, inventor of modern microcredit e Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Ore 13.25 – Now it’s time for Mirai Moriyama, a 36-year-old Japanese actor and dancer, to perform.

Ore 13.20 – Japanese singer Misia sings the anthem of Japan.

Ore 13.15 – The ceremony opened with a reference to the previous editions of the Olympics, then to the Covid drama, and to training in solitude. There is a rebirth, a return to sport and the will to live.

Ore 13 – AThe Olympic stadium began the Tokyo 2020 inauguration ceremony with a countdown that kicked off the long event in a stadium with no audience.

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Tokyo2020, the opening ceremony: the spectacular images

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