Covid, Brusaferro: “Curve of the infected is evident in the unvaccinated and almost not perceptible in the immunized with two doses”

From the last report from the control room it is evident how the circulation of the delta variant it is increasing in Italy and it is the younger population that determines its diffusion. The average age of diagnosis is, in fact, 25 years, 49 years for hospitalizations in ordinary wards e 59 years for hospitalization in intensive care. Therefore in evident decrease. The data that the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro. defines “worrying” is about the numbers of over 50 who have not yet vaccinated.

“The share, which is significant, of population over 50 who did not take the first dose. As you can see, the full vaccination guarantees protection with regard to hospitalizations. Even the curve concerning infections has a double trend: that referable to vaccinated people is almost not perceptible if scaled with that referable to unvaccinated “.

From the analysis of the contagion curve and from the analysis of those admitted to intensive care, it is evident that complete vaccination has a very high protection and avert hospitalization, by registering among the new positives a peak of cases in home care.

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