Covid vaccine in pills for the booster: “More resistant against variants”

Covid vaccine in pills for the booster: “More resistant against variants”
Covid vaccine in pills for the booster: “More resistant against variants”

It was talked about for a long time, especially when the doses were not enough for everyone and the vaccination campaign was slow: the Covid vaccine in pills it could save time and money, make administration even faster and transport easier. After several announcements and studies, this hypothesis could now become reality. Israel has started the experimentation and is already thinking of a possible oral and annual recall.

Covid vaccine in pills: experimentation in Israel is underway

Following the increase in Covid cases and positive for the Delta variant, Israel – already well ahead with the vaccination campaign – has decided to host the first clinical studies concerning a possible “conversion” of the Covid vaccine in oral form. The goal is to improve access to vaccines – worldwide – by making transport easier and future recall cheaper.

He will deal with the experimentation Oravax Medical, a company specializing in the development of oral drugs, and will do so in Israel, after obtaining the green light from the review committee of the Ichilov hospital, the main hospital in Tel Aviv.

The study, therefore, is currently waiting for the final ok from the Ministry of Health of the country, which could arrive in the coming weeks. If approved, the company will proceed with the start of the pilot phase that will involve 24 unvaccinated volunteers, each of which will assume one or two Covid vaccine pills. Then we will move on to phase 2, monitoring, to evaluate safety and immune response. Finally, in the event of positive results, the researchers will start phase 3 – the final one – which will aim to demonstrate the percentages of effectiveness in case of success.

Covid vaccine in pills effective against variants?

In addition to the concrete possibility of using the oral vaccine for a possible booster, another interesting fact concerning this new administration is that relating to the effectiveness of the pills against the variations.

As stated by Nadav Kidron, CEO of Oravax’s parent company, Oramed Pharmaceuticals, in an interview with the Jerusalem Post, the vaccine should be “very more resistant to Covid-19 variants ″, as it trains the immune system against three viral proteins instead of the single protein targeted by Pfizer and Moderna’s shots.

To date, however, thousands of pills have already been prepared pending the green light from the authorities.

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