New Law Decree on the Green Pass: the latest innovations approved by the Government

New Law Decree on the Green Pass: the latest innovations approved by the Government
New Law Decree on the Green Pass: the latest innovations approved by the Government

The new decree passed by the Government Draghi makes the Green Pass is mandatory for access to many activities during this summer. The control room has decided that from 6 August 2021 it will be necessary to have the green certificate to access non-essential services. Here below point by point, the main contained measures in the new Covid decree law launched yesterday by the Council of Ministers.

Latest Covid Decree Law: text and measures launched by the Government: Mandatory Green Pass

The first measure launched is the extension of the state of emergency, effective from January 31, 2020 and expiring on July 31, until December 31, 2021. A further 5 months, therefore, of state of emergency for Covid.

Risk parameters: The parameters for the entry of the Regions change, which are now all in the white zone, in the risk bands with more restrictions. The incidence to move from the white to the yellow zone remains 50 per 100 thousand inhabitants, but as of yesterday the hospital indicators (occupation of intensive care and medical areas) have also been decisive. Those to enter the yellow risk zone are respectively set at 10% and 15% for the intensive and medical areas; 20% and 30% to enter the orange zone and 30% and 40% for the red zones (percentage that remains unchanged with respect to the previous parameters).

Green pass obligation It will run from 6 August. The Green pass will be used to access a series of non-essential services and activities (indoor restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, shows, etc.). The next fifteen days are a fixed time to allow those who have not yet done so to get vaccinated and the activities involved by the introduction of the obligation to organize.

Sanctions For those who violate the rules: The sanctions have already been decided, there is one from 400 to 1,000 euros, both for the operator and for the user. If the violations are repeated on 3 different days, the exercise may be closed for 1 to 10 days.

Green Pass Required to do what? Here is the text of the latest government decree law

Cinemas and theaters: The obligation of the Green pass arrives, but the number of admitted spectators increases. The yellow zone will be entered with a Green pass, mask and distance, but spectators will be able to go outdoors from the current 1’000 to a maximum of 2’500 and indoors from 500 to 1’000. In the white zone, where capacity limits are now set, an outdoor roof for 5 thousand people and an indoor roof for 2’500 people is set.

Sport For sports events and competitions in the white area, the permitted capacity cannot exceed 50% of the maximum authorized outdoors and 25% indoors. In the yellow zone, the permitted capacity cannot exceed 25% and, in any case, the maximum number of spectators cannot exceed 2,500 for outdoor systems and 1,000 for indoor systems.

Discos: Nothing to be done for this summer we will not dance, they remain closed, but 20 million reimbursements arrive.

Transport, school, work: The government has not yet touched on the issue of the Green pass hypothesis for transport a long distance e locals, crucial in view of September, with the return from holidays and the reopening of schools. The education chapter e the possible vaccine requirement for teachers and staff, but also the issue of the Green pass in the workplace will be the subject of a new meeting, probably next week.

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