Hairdresser shop closed due to anti Covid regulations: 32 years old enters to steal but the cashier is empty

Armed with scissors and parrot pliers, he attempts the theft inside a hairdresser in Cavernago. Arrested by the Carabinieri.

Last night, in Bergamo, the Carabinieri arrested a 32-year-old man for attempted theft. The military of the Bergamo Radiomobile Section, activated by the local operations center, intervened, at about 00.30, in the Municipality of Cavernago, where a man of Moroccan origin, already burdened by several specific precedents, had entered a hairdressing shop by forcing a window overlooking the street.

The man, once inside, had opened, forcing them, the cash desks of the commercial establishment, finding them obviously empty since the shop had been closed for days on the basis of the restrictions provided for the containment of the Covid-19 virus. Once out on the street again, the subject in question was noticed while he was walking away, being immediately joined by the Carabinieri patrol who, in the meantime, had been sent to the scene.. The military, once stopped the man, found him in possession of a pair of electrician’s scissors, while inside the shop a parrot pliers, also owned by the thief, were found, subjecting everything to seizure.

Conducted to the barracks, the detainee was subjected to further investigations, following which he was declared under arrest pending direct judgment before the Judge of the Court of Bergamo, at the end of which the man was subjected to the ban on staying in the province of Bergamo.


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