Alessandro Borghese and the Covid drama: “A journey to hell”

Alessandro Borghese and the Covid drama: “A journey to hell”
Alessandro Borghese and the Covid drama: “A journey to hell”

A few days after his recovery, Alessandro Borghese told his experience with Covid to the “Corriere della Sera”.

“A trip to hell”, the chef and presenter of “Four restaurants” defined it.

Fortunately, Borghese had symptoms that were not serious, but enough to bring him down emotionally.

The chef recounted the distance from his wife Wilma Oliverio and daughters Alexandra and Arizona, the loss of taste and smell, the loneliness felt: “I’m thirsty. I want that bottle of water, but I can’t open it: it hurts my back, my arm, my hand, my fingers, my tongue. I can’t. I’m always alone. Closed on this floor, the last one in the house, the one dedicated to my little girls … how much I miss them. I feel bad. silence, this loneliness is evil. I want my wife. I want to hug my girls, breathe them. What day is it? Tenth, confirms the doctor, who visits me every day, and the fever has gone away “, recalls the chef.

“Taste must be trained and educated to say that you know it fully and can rely on it. Covid-19 took it away from me”, he said again referring to the typical symptoms of the disease that during those days canceled sense of smell and taste. , tools of his profession: “Years of travel, of wild herbs, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, around the world, in the vineyards to taste wine … Where did the sense of smell go?” .

“I understand I’m in Hell and this is my punishment for retaliation. Now I just have to find out which group I ended up in, and how to get out of it!”, Explained the chef.

Now Borghese has recovered and has been able to embrace his wife and daughters again.


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