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COVID outbreaks at school 2% and 80% vaccinated staff, Fedeli (PD): go in attendance, recover learning and frequent swabs. Motion approved

“With the unified majority motion presented today in the Chamber, a principle is confirmed that has always been a priority for the Democratic Party: the safe restart of schools of all levels is a strategic interest of the whole country and therefore an objective that can no longer be postponed to which to strive decisively by putting in place all the initiatives necessary to make it happen “.

This was stated by Valeria Fedeli, parliamentarian of the Democratic Party and former Minister of Education. “A political decision of great importance and assumption of responsibility that starts from a consideration and two fundamental data. The consideration is that the zero risk does not exist while the damages caused by the suspension of the school in presence are certain. The data instead only those released by the ISS at the end of December according to which only 2% of the outbreaks would originate in the school context while 80% of the school staff are already vaccinated. A motion, therefore, with which the government undertakes to implement all the useful actions to guarantee the school in the presence, the recovery of learning, sociality and training gaps in general as well as to conclude the vaccination of the child in the shortest possible time. remaining staff, to invest resources in more frequent tampons, masks that ensure a higher safety standard, thermal scanners and systems for controlled mechanical ventilation as well as on transport at the height of everyone’s safety. A year and a half will have passed since the first lockdown in September. A loss that cannot be quantified exclusively in didactic terms but which also and above all concerns the relational, social, emotional and cognitive sphere with effects that impact not only on individual lives, on families in particular the most disadvantaged ones, with cases of disability, on working mothers who paid the highest price in terms of employment, but on the whole society with a very strong risk of increasing inequalities and cultural, social and economic backwardness“.

Here because – Fedeli concluded- the commitment to guarantee school in the presence, accompanied in parallel with digital teaching towards a mixed system between presence and distance, which is increasingly integrated, is absolutely a priority for the entire country system. For development, growth and quality work we must focus on the transversal value of all other sectors of strategic investment in education, knowledge, training – starting from kindergarten zero-six – and the future of this and of the next generations“.


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