Covid Ciociaria, infections start to rise again. Doctors: get vaccinated

Covid Ciociaria, infections start to rise again. Doctors: get vaccinated
Covid Ciociaria, infections start to rise again. Doctors: get vaccinated

“Slowly, but the infections are rising. Especially among young people. Fortunately, there have been no deaths in the province of Frosinone for over a month. But the slow ascent of the curve is an alarm bell that must be listened to and not underestimated ». There is a strong appeal launched by the president of the Frosinone medical order, Fabrizio Cristofari. It does so on the day when the infections, 8 yesterday, continue to rise. There are already 13 in two days, there were not many at the beginning of the week from 7 and 8 June when there were 22. There are 36 in the last 4 days at an average of 9 every 24 hours. And the incidence also goes back yesterday to 12.58 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. It wasn’t that high since 13 on June 14. A new sign of a trend reversal, albeit still modest, with the resumption of infections. And the fears are still for the post celebrations of the victory of the national football team at the European Championships that could lead to a further increase in cases.

«Caution remains the number one rule – explains the president of the Cristofari doctors – because the rules that we all know by now must become part of our habits. Not only that: it is necessary to collaborate in the tracing activity to reconstruct the chain of contacts and put citizens in safety, because (it should not be forgotten) the goal of us doctors is always that of sequencing 100% of positive cases “.
Strong is also the invitation to those who, even today, have not been vaccinated: «Beyond misunderstandings or the disclosure of false information, it should be reiterated that vaccination is the only way to contain the effects and circulation of the virus.

Therefore, those who have not yet done so, go immediately and get vaccinated. In addition to the classic reservations, today you can also get vaccinated in pharmacies, at the offices of family doctors or by approaching the camper that the ASL is running in the individual municipalities. Therefore there are no justifications – concludes Cristofari – getting vaccinated is very convenient and necessary. Only in this way will we really be able to think about a reopening of schools and all activities in complete safety ».

An appeal also addressed to health workers who have not yet vaccinated. For those who do not do it, the risk is suspension from service as happened in Friuli, Veneto and Bologna. Asl manager Pierpaola D’Alessandro comments: «We are the company with the lowest percentage (of unvaccinated health workers, ed.). We take the last week for cases that have shown will. Then we will proceed ».

Along the same lines, the ASL is in a hurry to vaccinate because if we do not reach the herd effect, the virus also adapts to the vaccinated and continues its evolutionary course. This is the ABC of vaccine protection: only by protecting everyone, the risk of spreading and mutating the virus is reduced. The virus uses the unvaccinated few as a laboratory to become immune to the vaccine. Don’t give them this chance! We now have vaccines and doses for everyone. We trust in the sense of responsibility of our fellow citizens to rush to book and of the youngest who by protecting themselves help protect their grandparents. Immigrants will also be protected, not only for them, but because they are part of our community ».

In the meantime, the Passi Practice Community – Assistance, Support, Development and Integration Program – has activated procedures to facilitate the vaccination of guests in reception facilities for foreigners. «The vaccinations – the ASL informs in a note – are administered at the collection points of the cooperatives that are part of the network. At the moment they have sent the lists of people to be vaccinated: the Ethica cooperative of Cassino, which also manages the services in the municipalities of Arce, Sora, Aquino, the Diaconia cooperative, with all the structures in the municipalities of Frosinone, Veroli, Ferentino; the Antea di Ceccano cooperative (these are the three cooperatives that manage all the projects of the asylum immigration security system). In addition, vaccination of the guests of the Synergasia Cooperative in Fiuggi and the Eureka Cooperative is also being carried out.
The activity was organized in collaboration with the coordination of Mental Health, Immigrants and Unaccompanied Foreign Minors, which was created within the Mental Health and Addiction Pathologies Department of the Frosinone Local Health Authority, within the La casa comune network. “.

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