Covid, from Israel a new cure: “It is based on 3 old drugs” – Foreign

Covid, from Israel a new cure: “It is based on 3 old drugs” – Foreign
Covid, from Israel a new cure: “It is based on 3 old drugs” – Foreign

Rome, 20 July 2021 – The whole world is focusing on Covid vaccines, in a rush accelerated by the infamous Delta variant. But today it comes, from Israel, where the Delta is now predominant, even one good news about cures against the Coronavirus. Which uses medicines used up to now for other pathologies: an anti-atherosclerosis, an anticancer and an anti-HIV.

“Effectiveness close to 100%”

According to the study, one can arrive at a drug therapy using three ‘old’ drugs, already in use for other pathologies, which “have shown they can protect cells from the virus attack with an effectiveness close to 100%, which means that nearly 100% of the cells survived despite being infected with “Sars-CoV-2.
In an interview with ‘The Time of Israel’ Isaiah Arkin, a biochemist at the Hebrew University, explains that the study, which opened the 3 drugs for laboratory testing, has been subjected to review by other scientists. According to Arkin, “under normal circumstances about half of the cells would die after 2 days from contact with the virus. “Furthermore, according to the work that examined over 3 thousand drugs to verify their anti-Covid effectiveness, there is a good chance that these drugs are effective against variants pandemic coronavirus.

What are the drugs

The drugs that have passed this ‘selection’ are:
– Darapladib, currently used for the treatment of atherosclerosis
– The anticancer Flumatinib
– A medicine for HIV “.
The scientist points out that these active ingredients “they don’t target the Spike protein” of Sars-CoV-2, “but two other proteins that hardly change with the development of variants”.

In Israel approx 1,400 almost of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the highest figure in more than the last four months, with an increase in infections attributed to the delta variant which led the authorities to reintroduce some restrictions.

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