Covid Sicily, outbreak with 26 infections in Pantelleria

Covid Sicily, outbreak with 26 infections in Pantelleria
Covid Sicily, outbreak with 26 infections in Pantelleria

The number of positives rises in Pantelleria. An outbreak has been discovered on the island of Trapani: 26 cases at the moment, of which 9 to be confirmed with the molecular swab. These are mainly young people, at least 6 minors, almost all unvaccinated. A contagion that would have started from a private party and which now risks making concrete the specter of the establishment of a red zone. “For the island it would be devastating,” Mayor Vincenzo Campo told Adnkronos. Pantelleria, at least according to the latest data available at the beginning of July, is last in the province of Trapani for the number of vaccinated: just over 46 percent.

“The number of vaccinations has certainly increased, 20 first doses were administered yesterday, but we remain black jersey in the province and among the last ones in Sicily as well”. The reason? A ‘contest of guilt’. “The presence of a rather aggressive no vax group, but also information conveyed by the media and often not very attentive that has contributed to fuel fears and confusion”.

The outbreak is frightening. “We hope to have been able to stem it – says the mayor -, if the infections were to spread the risk of becoming a red zone would be at the gates with very serious damage, even to the image for the island. In the height of the summer season, the consequences of new rigid restrictions would be devastating and certainly not recoverable “.

In the meantime, contact tracing operations and swabs continue. “Unfortunately, I believe that the number of positives is destined to increase in the next few hours,” admits Campo, who appeals to his fellow citizens.

To prudence and respect for the rules. “The minimum requirements must be observed: hand hygiene, social distancing, use of masks even outdoors when it is not possible to keep a distance and avoid gatherings by participating in private parties without controls. At the moment the only weapon against Covid is the vaccine , I invite those who have not yet done so to evaluate more carefully the hypothesis of undergoing vaccination “.

The first citizen does not exclude the use of restrictive ordinances. “We are evaluating a possible close with my council because the situation is alarming”. The hypothesis is that of greater controls by the police to avoid gatherings on the occasion of private parties but also “the introduction of the tampon, free of charge, for anyone who arrives on the island. We are thinking about it but we need the ok from health authorities “, he concludes.


Covid Sicily outbreak infections Pantelleria

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