Covid, Iss report: “Rt at 0.91, incidence of 14 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Delta variant growing but impact on hospitals still minimal”

Soaring ofindice Rt rising a 0,91 from 0,66 last week and also on the riseincidence, respectively, and a 14 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants against the 9 almost seven days ago. These are the data contained in the weekly monitoring of the progress of infections of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health. The draft of the new report – with the monitoring data related to the week 5-11 July – paints an epidemiological picture in slight deterioration but still under control, with 19 Regions a moderate risk e due (Autonomous Province of Trento and Valle d’Aosta) a low risk.

The circulation of the Delta variant in Italy, reports the ISS, it is growing and is leading to a increase in infections even in countries with high vaccination coverage, therefore “it is appropriate to create a extensive tracking and sequencing of cases “. Priority, it says, also “to achieve a ‘high vaccination coverage and the completion of vaccination cycles in all eligible, with particular regard to people at risk of serious illness, for reduce viral circulation and the possible resurgence of symptomatic cases supported by emerging variants with greater transmissibility “.

“Based on the data and of Ecdc forecasts (the European Infectious Diseases Agency, ed), of the presence of outbreaks caused by the Delta viral variant in Italy and of the current vaccination coverage – experts warn – it is appropriate keep attention high, as well as applying and respecting the necessary measures to avoid an increase in viral circulation “. Although epidemiological data has started to rise again, the impact on hospitals is still minimal, with employment rates still slightly decreasing: that of intensive care is al 2%, with a decrease in the number of hospitalized 187 of July 6 ai 157 of July 13. At 2% also the occupancy rate of the ordinary wards with the number of beds occupied that go down from 1.271 a 1.128.

The report still highlights that the number of new cases is increasing not associated with transmission chains (2,408 against 1,539 the previous week), while that of the cases detected through the contact tracing activity goes down further (31% versus 32.6% last week). Increase the percentage of cases detected through the onset of symptoms (46.2% versus 40.3%), while 22.8% were diagnosed through screening. “The transmissibility on symptomatic cases only – concludes the document -, increases compared to the previous week “, while remaining below the epidemic threshold,” expression of an increase in viral circulation mainly in young and more frequently asymptomatic subjects “.

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