Covid Ciociaria infections date back. Delta variant prevalent in Lazio

Covid Ciociaria infections date back. Delta variant prevalent in Lazio
Covid Ciociaria infections date back. Delta variant prevalent in Lazio

Contagions rising in the province of Frosinone. Yesterday there were 12: 3 in Ceprano, 2 in Fiuggi, 1 each in Acuto, Alvito, Monte San Giovanni Campano, San Donato Valcomino, Serrone, Sora, Supino. Out of a total of 521 swabs. The positivity rate reaches 2.3%. It was 1% the previous day. There is also 1 negativized.
For almost a month (29 days to be exact) the new daily houses had not been in double digits. The last time it had happened on the sixteenth of June (15). No deaths from Covid in Ciociaria for twenty-two days. And only one victim in thirty-seven. We are in the seventy-second week since the start of the pandemic in the province of Frosinone. This is the trend: 2 cases on the twelfth of July, 2 on the thirteenth, 7 on the fourteenth, 12 on the fifteenth.
A total of 23, a daily average of 5.75. This parameter is also increasing: an average of 6.28 cases in the sixty-eighth week, 3.7 in the sixty-ninth, 2.85 in the seventieth, 2.5 in the seventy-first. And so far 5.75 in the seventy-second.
The incidence of new weekly cases per 100,000 inhabitants is also increasing again: 6.7.

The position of the ASL
In a note, the Frosinone Health Authority notes: «Most of the new cases of infection reported are in unvaccinated subjects, or those who have a first dose recently taken. The good news is that so far, this growth in infections has not affected the number of hospitalizations and deaths. ” Pierpaola D’Alessandro, general manager of the ASL, explains: “It is an excellent goal but we can help ourselves even more if we increase the number of people vaccinated”. And he notes: «The Asl of Frosinone appeals to the population to speed up vaccination and put a stop to viral circulation. We are optimistic, but prudent, and for this reason we ask you to join us to vaccinate as many people as possible and as soon as possible ». Then the ASL adds: «For this reason, the campaign is even more widespread with the vaccinal camper, the on the road initiative of the ASL of Frosinone, in collaboration with the Municipalities, to bring the vaccine to the innermost areas of Ciociaria. The first stop is Monday, July 19, in Trevi nel Lazio and Filettino. The vaccine camper will continue its journey to the other municipalities involved ». In total there are 19 centers: Trevi nel Lazio, Acuto, Amaseno, Pico, Terelle, Viticuso, Colle San Magno, Filettino, Guarcino, Pastena, Villa Latina, Vallerotonda, Coreno Ausonio, Torre Cajetani, Vico nel Lazio, Falvaterra, Belmonte Castello, Acquafondata, Sant’Ambrogio sul Garigliano. The Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) single-dose vaccine will be administered. Access will be free and free and direct assistance.
Also in the province of Frosinone, the Delta variant cases found so far are 3.

D’Amato’s alarm
The regional councilor Alessio D’Amato declares: «Positive cases are destined to increase and, thanks to vaccinations, at the moment without particular burdens on the hospital network. In double digits after 29 days La Asl: most of them concern unvaccinated subjects and 90.4% of cases with Delta variant in our Region had not carried out any vaccine dose or had an incomplete vaccination course. In Lazio, the Delta variant is already prevalent in all the ASLs and in particular, two thirds of cases are concentrated in the metropolitan area of ​​Rome. 66% of the cases with the Delta variant are under the age of 30 and the median age of the cases is 29 years. 76.5% of the cases with the Delta variant are unvaccinated and if we also consider those vaccinated with a single dose, the percentage exceeds 90%. It is evident that this pandemic, in the coming weeks, will mainly affect those who have not been vaccinated. This is why, in anticipation of this, the green pass tool is used to keep activities open, rather than going towards generalized closures, which risk penalizing those who, on the other hand, with great civic sense, have carried out the vaccination process. Let the Government regulate the best possible modalities, which can also be gradual in relation to the epidemiological trend ». Then he added: “From the sequences carried out on all positive swabs it emerged that in 57.1% of cases a Delta variant was identified”. Therefore the epidemiological picture shows a further increase in the circulation of the Delta variant.

The numbers of prophylaxis
In the province of Frosinone, 406,082 doses of the vaccine were administered. And 174,772 people completed the cycle. The target population is 427,000. It means that 70% of the Ciociari have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 41% have completed the course. As regards herd immunity in Lazio, Alessio D’Amato reiterated: «The goal of completing vaccination for 70% of the adult population is credible and will be reached in the first week of August. We invite those who have not yet done so, to book their vaccination or complete it before the holidays, including the Junior class 12-16 years ».

The bulletin
Even in Italy infections are rising: yesterday they were 2,455.
On Wednesday there were 2,153. 9 victims were registered in one day, while the day before yesterday there were 23. 190,922 molecular and antigenic swabs carried out. The positivity rate is 1.3%, up from 1.02% in the previous twenty-four hours. In Lazio there were 353 new cases, ie 145 more than the previous day. There was 1 death. The ratio between positives and molecular buffers is 3.9%, but considering the antigenic ones the percentage drops to 1.3%. The independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation on the progress of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy shows in the week from 7 to 13 July, compared to the previous one, “an increase of 61.4% in new cases (8,989 against 5,571); On the other hand, deaths are confirmed (104 versus 162), currently positive cases (40,649 versus 42,579), people in home isolation (39,364 versus 41,121), hospitalizations with symptoms (1,128 versus 1,271) and intensive care (157 versus 187) “.

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