Coronavirus, the update of the infections in Palermo and Sicily on 15 July 2021

From 288 new positives to 353, with (almost) the same number of swabs performed. It is the most important data that emerges from the usual bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health and comes out just as we return to talk about a return of Sicily in the yellow zone. The next few weeks will be decisive. The infections identified today were therefore 353 out of 12,079 swabs processed (yesterday there were 11,939).

The positivity rate jumped to 2.9 (yesterday it was 2.4%). The good news is that no deaths have been recorded. Therefore the total number of people who have lost their lives in Sicily since the beginning of the pandemic remains at 6,006. 171 people healed in the last 24 hours.

The hospitalized under the ordinary regime rose to 140, while the number of patients in intensive care increased by one: 21 (yesterday 20) and there is a new admission (on Wednesday there was not even one). There are currently 3,979 people in home isolation in Sicily. The total of those who are currently positive is 4,140. Only Veneto, Lombardy and Campania are worse off.

This is the subdivision by province of the new cases: 104 in Catania, Caltanissetta 74, Agrigento 58, Trapani 38, Enna 30, Ragusa 29, Palermo 15, Syracuse 14 and Messina 11

Coronavirus in Italy

The update on the epidemiological situation in Italy with all the numbers reported in the bulletin of the Ministry of Health today Thursday 15 July 2021. There are 2,455 cases registered on 190,922 antigenic and molecular swabs for a positivity rate that rises to 1.28%. Nine victims. Yesterday 23 deaths and 2,153 new cases were reported, more than double the 1,010 recorded on the previous Wednesday. The number of hospitalized in ordinary wards continues to drop, but that of intensive care is up, +2 compared to yesterday. There were 11 entries in the critical area wards of the day. Among the regions, the data of Veneto, 318 cases, and of Lazio and Sicily (353) stand out.

The epidemic is therefore running again. The data of the infections recorded between Monday and Thursday demonstrates this trivially.

  • this week: 7,030
  • last week: 3,791
  • two weeks ago: 2,726

The latest monitoring by the Gimbe Foundation on the progress of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy shows in the week from 7 to 13 July, compared to the previous one, an increase of 61.4% in new cases (8,989 against 5,571); On the other hand, deaths are confirmed (104 against 162) and cases that are currently positive. Gimbe president Nino Cartabellotta also points out that the increase in cases is probably “underestimated by an ever-decreasing testing activity, which makes adequate contact tracing impossible.” In detail, since the beginning of May the number of people tested weekly has fallen by 56.3%, going from 662,549 to 289,869.

Coronavirus: today’s bulletin Thursday 15 July 2021

New cases: 2,455
Total cases: 4,278,319
Buffers (antigenic and molecular): 190.922
Currently positive: 40.900, -800
Hospitalized with symptoms: 1.089, -19
Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 153, +2
Admissions to intensive care: 11
Died after positive Covid test: 9
Total deaths: 127,840
Total Discharged / Healed: 4.109.579, +3.264


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