Coronavirus, 2,455 new positives with 190,922 swabs: 1.3% incidence. The number of hospitalized patients is decreasing, intensive care is stable. The deaths are 9

I’m 2.455 i new cases tracked down in one day in Italy among the 190,922 swabs processed, of which 98.838 rapid antigen tests. L’incidence then squirt to1,3%. For the moment, the strong increase in positives does not correspond to an increase in the balance between inputs and outputs from the medical departments: compared to Wednesday they are in fact 19 the fewer beds occupied by patients with symptoms. The terapie intensive, on the other hand, they show substantial stability with 2 more people serviced compared to the previous 24 hours, in a day from 11 entrances. There were 9 deaths.

Comparing the data of the first 4 days of this week with the same of the previous one, we note an increase in cases around 90%: between Monday and last Thursday they were 3.791, while the last four days have been 7.030 with a minimal increase in buffers, passed from 619.902 a 667.635. However, at least for now, the admissions to intensive care remain identical (29). While the departments continue to empty, albeit more slowly: the balance was 167 fewer beds occupied between Monday and Thursday last week, while this week the balance is only -45.

Four Regions have over 300 cases reported. It is about Lombardy (381), Lazio (353), Sicily (353) e Veneto (318). In Campania there are 234 infections, while they exceed 100 both Tuscany (173) that Emilia Romagna (167) e Sardinia (112). All other areas of the country fluctuate between 68 del Piedmont and 5 of the Basilicata. Only the Valle d’Aosta does not record new positives in today’s bulletin. Since the beginning of the pandemic they are 4.278.319 confirmed cases of infection in Italy: 4,109,579 are healed or were discharged, 127,840 died and 40,900 are currently positive. Of the latter in 39.658 found in home isolation, while 1.089 I’m hospitalized with symptoms in the medical area and 153 they are in intensive care.

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