Farnesina trips abroad: ‘Health risks, possible quarantines’

Three hundred Italian boys are stranded in Dubai. Of these, 200 tested positive for Covid. Fifteen Venetian students remained on the Greek island of Ios after five of them were infected.

Only yesterday the Farnesina’s warning note for travelers abroad was issued: “” Since January 2020, the health emergency caused by Covid-19 continues all over the world. All those who intend to go abroad, regardless of the destination and the reasons for the trip, must consider that any movement, in this period, may involve a health risk “.

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by Alessandra Ziniti

July 14, 2021

The 300 Italian students had won a study holiday in the Emirate city, organized by INPS in collaboration with the British Academy. He should have returned yesterday but 11 were positive at the start. At the second swab, the peak: 200 infected. According to what is learned, there would be no case of particular gravity, the Italian Consulate in Dubai is monitoring their situation.

During these hours, the boys are assisted by a special task force of doctors and paramedics. The positives were separated from the negatives in two separate structures, equipping special common spaces to try to make the forced stay less traumatic.

The high school graduation party for 15 Venetian boys has ended up in quarantine. They too should have returned home two days ago and instead are stranded on the island of Ios in Greece, where they had arrived at the end of school to celebrate their graduation. All, before departure, had received the first dose of the vaccine. But once there, after undergoing tampons following the malaise accused by a girl in the group, five tested positive. Their health conditions would be good and the return remains a question mark.

“This is what can happen to those who go abroad,” the Farnesina said only yesterday. “There is a risk of being stranded abroad. In particular, in the event that it is necessary to undergo molecular or antigen tests for entry to Italy or for returning to our country from a foreign destination, it must be taken into consideration that you can be positive. And in this case you are subject to the quarantine and containment procedures provided for by the country you are in. Procedures that involve, with some possible differences due to different local regulations, also the ‘contacts’ with the subject positive, equally quarantined / isolated by local authorities.

Unfortunate outcome of the trip abroad also for 70 passengers on yesterday’s Malta-Pescara flight. All in quarantine after the swab on arrival at the Marche airport. Having registered the positivity of nine people, the regional task force for the coronavirus emergency, as a precaution, has decided to place all passengers on the flight in fiduciary isolation for 14 days, even those with a Green pass, because they are considered close contacts of the positives .

The return to Italy, for protection – added the note from the Farnesina -, can only take place at the end of the envisaged period of isolation. “It is therefore recommended to plan every aspect of the trip with the utmost care, also contemplating the possibility of having to spend an additional period abroad, as well as having health insurance”.

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