“The government is thinking about it”, a new drastic reverse – Libero Quotidiano

“The government is thinking about it”, a new drastic reverse – Libero Quotidiano
“The government is thinking about it”, a new drastic reverse – Libero Quotidiano

Not just for gyms, stadiums, concerts, discos, trains and airplanes. The Green pass it could also become mandatory for i restaurants indoors. The green pass is in fact necessary to enter all places where there is a risk of crowding so the government reveals the Corriere della Sera in a background, he is thinking of introducing the certificate proving that he has been vaccinated or that he is coronavirus negative even for lunch and dinner on the premises indoors. The discussion is currently underway within the executive and could become stringent as early as tomorrow 16 July after the analysis of the weekly monitoring data on infections and hospital admissions.

After all, the numbers speak for themselves. There Delta variant is raising the contagion curve in a significant and worrying way considering that it is mainly young people who become infected. For this reason, the green pass could be issued only for those who have completed the vaccination cycle, with the two doses. They certainly bode well data relating to hospitalizations and to the intensive care admissions which at the moment are still semi-empty. But it is feared that during the summer, exactly as happened last year, there may be asoaring in the number of new daily positives and therefore the government puts its hands forward already looking for solutions to guarantee the maintenance of open activities and the possibility of continuing social life, without however allowing the virus to spread.

And here is the possibility of making the Green pass mandatory for indoor restaurants. The argument is obviously very thorny given that the managers of the premises have already been heavily penalized by the epidemic. They already announce protests and the inclusion in the list of activities where the obligation will be foreseen is not taken for granted. A compromise solution could consist in imposing the green pass only in indoor premises and maybe tying it to the capacity of the restaurant.

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government thinking drastic reverse Libero Quotidiano

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