The infections in Versilia date back, the ASL expert: “We have loosened our grip too much, we risk consequences”

The infections in Versilia date back, the ASL expert: “We have loosened our grip too much, we risk consequences”
The infections in Versilia date back, the ASL expert: “We have loosened our grip too much, we risk consequences”

VIAREGGIO. Six new cases of Covid a day were registered in the last week in Versilia. “The infections do not go back to the Delta variant – he explains Alberto Tomasi, ASL executive recalled from retirement to fight Covid – but because all the forms of precaution that had allowed us to limit the spread of the coronavirus are abandoned. Masks, distance, hand hygiene: in this way the Delta does not pass. And if we want to avoid finding ourselves in difficulty we must go back to being cautious ».

Tomasi is worried. Not from the Delta variant, on which his opinion remains the same: it is not the monster that is described daily. He is worried, and does not send him to say, for what he sees around every day and for what he saw during and after the European Championship. Celebrations included. There is too much relaxation and the grip has loosened, says the doctor, at a time when you shouldn’t and can’t do it.

“I start from a premise: I would like the players to be the first to show correct examples – says Tomasi – The celebrations with hugs and gatherings are not the best in this period. The post-victory party? We risk that there will be consequences in the coming days. We have seen what happened in the past, for example after Atalanta’s match in the Champions League (the infamous match of 19 February 2020 against Valencia, just before Covid exploded, ed): it must be said that then season was cold and the conditions for the virus were ideal, today we are in summer ».

Yet the Delta variant is spreading precisely in the hottest months. «But it is not the devil who is painted – explains the doctor, a life in the public hygiene sector and on the vaccination front – The variants are a form of defense of the virus: it is in difficulty and tries to replicate itself in other ways. We don’t have to give it any more space. There is only one line: get vaccinated ». Tomasi himself al Tyrrhenian he had hypothesized a target of 70 percent coverage of the population at the end of the summer, to have a sort of hard core that could make us arrive in the autumn with a little more peace of mind. At the moment the Versilia people who have received the first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine are about half of the population; but the percentage rises to 60 per cent if we remove children who are currently unable to get vaccinated off the bill. And so I’m out of the countryside.

“We are working hard to vaccinate as much as possible, even in these days – continues Tomasi – There are still, let’s say, pockets of resistance. In the population and also, I say this with regret, among colleagues who work in public health. This is not acceptable. As for all the others, I saw that we are late in our forties, but perhaps also due to some organizational problems and lack of supplies of doses ». While on the hard line of France, which will in fact forbid social life to those who do not vaccinate, Tomasi prefers not to express himself. That’s right: such choices are up to politics and not technicians. –


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