Covid, recover the sense of smell and taste? Here’s how the “sniff test” developed at the San Giovanni hospital in Rome works – Video

L’San Giovanni hospital in Rome, together with other centers in different areas of Italy, a few weeks ago it launched an experimentation protocol to help those who, after Covid, have lost taste and smell. The therapy consists of three phases: the first, the diagnostic one, during which the damage caused by the virus infection is assessed, the second, flaming, based on a molecule without side effects, the PeaLut, able to eliminate the neurological inflammation of the olfactory bulbs, cause of the loss of taste and smell, and the third, better known as ”sniff test”, which aims to reawaken the two senses. “Up to 68% of people who have had Covid-19 manifest anosmia, that is the loss of taste and smell – he declared Arianna Di Stadio, professor of Neuroscience at the University of Perugia – we have noticed that with this treatment, patients begin to recover within one or two months. “

The study, published in the scientific journal European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences was initiated for the first time in Italy at the hospital in Fano last November and is coordinated by Professor Arianna Di Stadio’s team. “This situation caused by the coronavirus – he added Angelo Camaioni, director of the Otolaryngology unit of the San Giovanni hospital in Rome – has prompted many researchers to identify the correct diagnostics to test the olfactory loss, both from a quantitative and a qualitative point of view. However, it is important to remember that the more time passes, the more difficult it is to recover. ” For any information and to report any olfactory problems caused by Covid 19 write to: treatment.anosmiacovid

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