Vaccines, in Italy over 25 million immunized | Hope: 85% school staff with at least one dose

Political press for the use of the “French” green pass – But to give a further boost to the vaccination campaign, especially among young people and over 60s who are missing the appeal, the hypothesis of an enlarged green pass is emerging, essential for attending sporting or cultural events, but also for traveling and to enter bars and restaurants on the French model. But the use of the pass in restaurants is the most divisive point among the majority parties.

Data are starting to worry: some Regions see “yellow” – The Covid data, still under control, however, give some negative signals so much so that some regions, due to the Delta variant, could soon return to the yellow zone. The government seems willing to address the issues in a comprehensive way, according to what has been leaked, including the extension of the state of health emergency. A control room with Prime Minister Mario Draghi could be held on Friday, the day of the monitoring and possible ordinances of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, or much more likely on Monday. The new measures are expected to take effect in the middle of next week.

Gelmini: “On the use of the green pass there will be an Italian version” – “The Delta variant worries us and therefore I believe that an Italian way must be found for the wide use of the green pass – says the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies Mariastella Gelmini -. We do not pursue foreign models but certainly the government will consider extending the use of other services with a view to encouraging vaccinations “. If the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri instead urges to “do as Macron immediately” in France and to review the parameters for the color bands, the leader of the Lega Matteo
Salvini after meeting Draghi warns that “neither he nor I like extreme choices. The French model is out of the question”.

Regions: “Evaluating not infections but health pressure” – On the parameters, the Regions seem compact and the president of the Conference of Governors Massimiliano Fedriga asks to evaluate the hospitalizations – which are not going up – and not the infections, instead dragged by the Delta (today more than 2 thousand, double of a week ago). On the enlarged green pass, Lazio, Campania, Emilia Romagna and Liguria, among others, are in favor, while Lombardy and Veneto are against. “Let’s decide together how to best use the green pass”, says Fedriga, recalling that now it is obtained even if healed or with a negative tampon.

Which green pass: Italian or European? – We must also keep in mind the difference that still exists between the Italian and the European green pass. The first, which is obtained 15 days after the first dose of the vaccine, would be in the hands of 34 million people, while 24.5 would not be entitled. In the European version (15 days from full vaccination) the entitled persons would drop to 19.5 million and the non-eligible persons would rise to 40 million. Minister Speranza is satisfied with the 28.4 million green cards already downloaded and considers “a robust figure” that 85% of the school’s staff have received at least one dose.

The rush to vaccination for school staff – But the vaccination of school staff remains a problem. In view of the reopening in September, there is an oscillation between the vaccination completed in Friuli Venezia Giulia and 43% of teachers and auxiliaries still not immunized in Sicily (on the island there are also 400 thousand over 60 to be vaccinated and the current average is 2 thousand per day). The macroscopic phenomenon of the last period is that, in the face of half a million daily inoculations, the overwhelming majority of second doses are made and there are very few new ones.
vaccinated (yesterday 469 thousand calls and 86 thousand first doses).

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