“Covid, Alexander abandoned in Malta and drugs by air mail”. The family distrusts the foreign ministry and embassy

“Covid, Alexander abandoned in Malta and drugs by air mail”. The family distrusts the foreign ministry and embassy
“Covid, Alexander abandoned in Malta and drugs by air mail”. The family distrusts the foreign ministry and embassy

FERMO – Block in hotel a Malta, with the Covid. The first holiday with friends, a prize for the maturity just achieved, has become a nightmare for Alessandro Federici, 19 years old from Weather in Porto Sant’Elpidio. The young man, who arrived on the island with a friend, began to feel fever, cough and sore throat last Saturday. The next day, the bitter verdict from the swab: positive for Covid-19.

The holiday ends prematurely, the stay in Saint Julian, a popular entertainment destination among young people, continues, but becomes a confinement. In the meantime, the friend leaves and returns home, also because he would still have had to isolate himself from Federici who contracted the virus. Yesterday the young man’s parents, Gianluca and Marica, entrusted the lawyer Andrea Agostini with a letter of formal notice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The warning
The mother immediately activated with the Crisis Unit of the Farnesina, the Embassy of Italy in Malta, the Consulate, asking for medical assistance, but until yesterday, no one visited the 19-year-old. “The lady was given directions and telephone numbers, but to date the young man is alone in a hotel room, without anyone having gone to ascertain his state of health – writes the lawyer Agostini – It is added that the the booked stay has ended, but he cannot leave the room due to the obligation of quarantine and this with an increase in expenses ». For these reasons, a formal warning has been issued to the Ministry so that Alexander is visited and that he is guaranteed logistic assistance until his repatriation. The conditions of the boy from Porto Sant’Elpidio seem under control, but this is not enough to reassure his mother, Marica Marsili. It was she who sent him medicines, thermometer and oximeter by air, with which Alessandro is self-managing himself.

The appeals
What the lady regrets is the lack of health care on site. «I traveled all the possible paths, I also turned to the Marche representatives of the Order of the Knights of Malta, I spoke to the Consul, I just want a doctor to visit him. The only one who called him was from the travel agency’s insurance company. He’s a smart guy and he knows how to manage, but such a situation would put anyone in trouble. It is a treacherous and unpredictable disease, we cannot rest assured. We are talking about a global pandemic, there should be measures to guarantee health care for those who get sick ».

Eight other guys from the Marche are also facing the same mocking fate these days, but they are in another hotel and can at least share this bad experience. «My son feels with the other boys, doctors and emergency vehicles can be seen in those parts, he is alone and has not seen anyone yet. They tell me that doctors in Malta are not expected to make home visits. They told us to call 112 if he needs to be hospitalized. He will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days from positivity, then hoping that the swab is negative, otherwise the isolation would be prolonged by two weeks. Let’s see what happens in the next few days, we are evaluating whether to leave to reach it ».


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