Covid, schools all open with good vaccination coverage, compulsory mask. Vaccination obligation or French green pass, the government thinks about it.

The infections go back and the government is thinking of a close to avoid a resurgence of the epidemic. According to reports from La Repubblica, the government is thinking of the French Green Pass, that is, mandatory to enter bars, restaurants and public transport, or in any case with a more extensive use than the current one.

It would serve to push the undecided to get vaccinated. According to Corriere della Sera, the idea would be to extend the French green pass to all places at risk of crowding (from concerts to stadiums).

However, we also think of the most extreme hypothesis, namely that of compulsory vaccination. The government, however, will renew the state of emergency currently in force until July 31.

On the school, however, the government is working on reopening in presence. They must all remain open and with good vaccination coverage it will also be possible to avoid distancing, maintaining the obligation of a mask. The executive will also think about promoting salivary testing.

The idea is gaining ground in the government that only with vaccination can the coronavirus be countered, and in particular the Delta variant. Draghi, however, does not intend to go back on the reopening already decided and, probably, not even on those planned.

The parameters for the classification of risk areas will be revised taking into account the number of hospitalizations, but even following different indicators it is not at all obvious to be able to prevent some regions from returning to the yellow band or even beyond within two or three weeks.



Covid schools open good vaccination coverage compulsory mask Vaccination obligation French green pass government thinks

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