Pass for locals: this is how Greece prepares itself for tourists

Pass for locals: this is how Greece prepares itself for tourists
Pass for locals: this is how Greece prepares itself for tourists

The pandemic situation in Greece this is of great concern, so much so that the government is thinking of introducing the Green Pass to help tourism. Yesterday, Greece recorded more than 3 thousand new cases of Covid, the highest number since last May 11, in the midst of the third wave. Athens health authorities have confirmed 3,109 new cases of infection and 4 new deaths in the past 24 hours. The total number of victims therefore rose to 12,806. There are 133 hospitalized in intensive care with an average age of 66, as reported by the National Organization of Public Health, Eody. In the last 24 hours, 85,296 swabs were conducted with a positive rate of 3.64%. About 41% of the population has been vaccinated with two doses, but the government is still very concerned about the spread of the Delta variant.

The Greek government’s decision to help tourism

Faced with these numbers, the government of Athens, led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has decided, as reported by the Corriere, to ask customers of restaurants, bars and cafes to prove that they have received the vaccination or, alternatively, to have a negative test carried out. in the last three days. For those who go to cinemas, theaters and discos there will be an obligation to remain seated. No negative swab or vaccine will be required from those who will eat outdoors. These restrictions will be in effect until August. Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development, explained at the press conference that “It is essential not to give the impression that we have lost control of the pandemic, to ensure that the tourism industry can move forward and operate regularly”. He then added that “The course ofGreek economy it will depend on how well we respect the security measures and control the pandemic ”.

Those who have chosen Greece for their summer holidays, in order to enter the Hellenic country, will have to show a negative molecular swab carried out in the 3 days prior to the trip. The managers of clubs, bars and restaurants will have access to an application to scan the European vaccination certificates and the results of the swabs.

In Greece, vaccination is mandatory for health professionals

The Greek prime minister also introduced the obligation to vaccinate all health personnel in hospitals and nursing homes. As for doctors and nurses in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers, they will have until 1 September to carry out the first dose of the vaccine. Instead, the staff of the nursing homes will have to carry out the administration by August 16. Those who decide not to get vaccinated will not be able to work and will not receive a salary. A sanction of 50 thousand euros, which can reach 200 thousand euros in case of relapse, it will be given to clinics that do not comply with current legislation. Both public and private sector employers will have the right to ask their employees if they have been vaccinated. Special commissions will be introduced which will have the task of evaluating the various exemption requests based on health reasons. At the moment, the percentage of medical personnel vaccinated is about 80%. Since it falls between 65% and 43% in retirement homes.

Meanwhile the France it will be the first European country to introduce the obligation to vaccinate in order to get on trains or enter social places, such as theaters and restaurants. In Italy the pressure on the government has already started to emulate the cousins ​​from beyond the Alps.

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