Covid today Emilia Romagna: Coronavirus bulletin 8 July 2021: 94 infections and two deaths

Bologna, 8 July 2021 – Leap of infections in Emilia Romagna. According to the new bulletin published today by the Region, i new infections of the day are 94, 32 more than yesterday, Wednesday 7 July 2021. All up 15,147 swabs processed. Today’s is the highest figure ever recorded from June 15 to today.

The rate of positivity salt to 0,6%.

Today, in Emilia-Romagna the dead. There are two: an 88-year-old woman in the province of Reggio Emilia and a 98-year-old woman in the province of Rimini.

However, hospitals continue to empty. Patients admitted to intensive care there are 17 (-1 compared to yesterday), 157 those in other Covid departments (-3).

See the map of the contagion in the Region Piacenza with 18 new cases and Bologna with 16; then Parma, Reggio Emilia and Rimini, all with 12 cases. Then Modena (8), Ferrara (6), Forlì (5), Ravenna e Cesena (both with 2 cases). Finally, the Imolese district (1).

The Emilia-Romagna people recovered from Covid are I’m 109 more than yesterday and reach altitude 371.857. I active cases, that is the actual patients, to date are 2,188 (-17 compared to yesterday). Of these, people in isolation the house, i.e. those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, total 2,014 (-13), the 92% of total active cases.

The vaccination campaign continues: a15 hours were administered as a whole 4.091.271 doses; on the total, 1.581.249 they are people who have completed the vaccination course.

Infections in Emilia Romagna on June 22, 2021

Since the beginning of the epidemic from Coronavirus, in Emilia Romagna and 387,311 are registered almost of positivity, 94 more than yesterday, out of a total of 15,147 tampons performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 0,6 %.

Of the newly infected, 32 they are asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities. Overall, 39 were among the new positives already in isolation at the time of swab execution, 49 were identified within already known outbreaks.

The average age of the new positives is 37,7 years.

Here is the map of the contagion since the beginning of the pandemic: 23,683 a Piacenza (+18 compared to yesterday, of which 9 symptomatic), 28,728 a Parma (+12, of which 4 symptomatic), 47.007 a Reggio Emilia (+12, of which 9 symptomatic), 65,819 a Modena (+8, of which 5 symptomatic), 82,458 a Bologna (+16, of which 14 symptomatic), 12,667 cases a Imola (+1, symptomatic), 23.198 a Ferrara (+6, of which 3 symptomatic), 30,575 y Ravenna (+2, of which 1 symptomatic), 17,118 a Forlì (+5, all symptomatic), 19,741 a Cesena (+ 2, both symptomatic) and 36,317 a Rimini (+12, of which 9 symptomatic).

Coronavirus deaths from Emilia-Romagna

Today in Region the dead are counted again Covid. There are two recorded deaths: an 88-year-old woman Reggio Emilia and a 94-year-old from Rimini. Since the beginning of the pandemic i deaths so they reach altitude 13.266.

Patients admitted to intensive care I am currently 17. Here is the distribution at the territorial level: 1 a Parma (number unchanged from yesterday), 1 a Reggio Emilia (unchanged), 5 a Modena (-1), 8 a Bologna (unchanged), 1 y Ferrara (unchanged) and 1 a Rimini (unchanged). No hospitalization a Piacenza, Imola, Ravenna, Forlì e Cesena.

Instead, 157 are hospitalized in the other Covid wards.

Coronavirus in Italy, the latest data

Today, in Italy, continue to increase the new positives from Covid-19. The new cases, according to data from the Ministry of Health, are 1.394, with an increase of 384 cases in the last 24 hours, despite a decline in processed swabs, 174.852. Since it makes the rate of positivity to 0,79%. Slight descent of the deaths, today 13 (-1). I healed I’m 1.749, while the positive current go down by 371 cases amounting to a total number of 41.469.

Data from the regions: Rising infections in Veneto – Coronavirus Marche – Covid Tuscany

Looking at the situation of the last few weeks, after a period of marked decline, Covid cases in Italy are starting to increase. In the week between June 30 and July 6 there was an increase of 5%, compared with a decrease of 24,2% gods hospitalizations, of 30,7% of the inputs in intensive care he was born in 26,4% of the dead. These are some of the data that emerge from the independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation.

In particular in 11 Regions (Abruzzo, Campania, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Autonomous Province of Trento, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany and Veneto) there is a increase of the new cases compared to the previous week, while the remaining ones 10 Regions are confirmed in decline.

Coronavirus Emilia Romagna, the progress of the pandemic in Emilia-Romagna

If in Italy there is a new increase in infections in recent weeks, observing the case Emilia-Romagna, despite today’s growth, it can be seen that the pandemic in the region still appears to be under control. There average of daily cases of July, from the first day of the month until Thursday 8 July, it’s about 61 new infections a day. This figure remains well below that recorded for last month. TO June in fact the average of daily infections in Emilia-Romagna was almost equal to 100 new positives every 24 hours, to be precise 99,1.

The collapse more significant than number of infections in the region it was recorded last June 15 when they had only registered 48 new positives compared to 18,611 processed swabs. All with one reduction of 89 infections compared to June 14, day on which the new cases had been 137.

The immunologist: “Enough fear, vaccines protect against Covid”

“There will be an increase in infections – the Undersecretary of Health comments on the radio Pierpaolo Sileri – it will be necessary to see if this will correspond to an increase in hospital admissions, but I believe that this will not be the case. Today the virus is mainly taken by those who have not had the vaccine, then by those who have only taken the first dose. Those who have taken two doses very rarely have severe disease. ”

As for the Delta variant, “we must see how much it will grow in our country and in the rest of Europe: I am convinced that by the end of the summer it will become prevalent in Italy”, said Sileri.

Delta variant: how to recognize it: the symptoms

Covid and school: how to return in September

“For the school and the university we must aim for a resumption with frontal lessons, the reopening, but careful attention will have to be organized monitoring with swabs, rapid tests, salivary tests for younger children, with their consent, to be ready since the end of August compared to last year with a wide diagnostic capacity. We must not and we will not be unprepared for this. ”So the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri a Rai News 24.

“Under the age of 12 – he recalled – there is no vaccine and therefore the distance and the mask will be a fundamental safeguard, but it depends on how much the rest of the population will be vaccinated: it is a chain. The problem will be in the population between 12 and 15 years old: adherence to vaccination will have to be evaluated, as well as in those over 16. I am more concerned about the 12-15 age group: there is a certain lively discussion of opposing groups ” .

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