Covid, the ‘Corradino’ variant isolated in Naples: already eradicated. Unique case in Italy

Covid, the ‘Corradino’ variant isolated in Naples: already eradicated. Unique case in Italy
Covid, the ‘Corradino’ variant isolated in Naples: already eradicated. Unique case in Italy

A new strain of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 isolated in Naples. This is the “Corradino” variant that appeared in a woman in whom a lymphoma had weakened the immune defenses and disappeared when the therapy had its effect. It was a unique case in Italy. Isolated thanks to the collaboration between the Federico II University and the Ceinge-Advanced Biotechnology center, where the variant was sequenced, the new strain of the virus has had a very short history, but confirms how fundamental sequencing is, especially for “immunosuppressed positives. “. (COVID VACCINE: DATA AND GRAPHICS ON ADMINISTRATIONS IN ITALY, REGION BY REGION)

The discovery in detail


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“We wanted to call it the last and unfortunate member of the Swabian dynasty”, explained Giuseppe Castaldo, of the molecular medicine department of Federico II and Ceinge. The article on his discovery, currently being published in its definitive version in the journal Frontiers in Oncology, has as its first signature that of Ettore Capoluongo, the university and Ceinge. The variant was deposited in the international bank Genebank with the initials MZ054387. “It works by making the virus less aggressive, but at the same time it masks it from the immune system”, said Castaldo. The research team decided to sequence the woman’s virus after the patient continued to be positive for SARS-CoV-2 for over five months. The variant was eradicated thanks to a cocktail of antibodies taken from recovered patients.

The importance of sequencing

The “Corradino” variant thus remains an isolated and absolutely unique case, but nevertheless representative. As observed by the researchers, in fact, scientific articles are published more and more often that highlight new variants that appear in immunosuppressed subjects. This occurs because patients undergoing heavy therapies may not respond to the virus, which can persist even for months in their body, generating variants that are easily eradicated by the therapies.


Covid Corradino variant isolated Naples eradicated Unique case Italy

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