there was no invasion, party and rivers of beer but no accident

there was no invasion, party and rivers of beer but no accident
there was no invasion, party and rivers of beer but no accident

Toasts, choirs, flags and rivers of beer in Ponte Duca d’Aosta and in some squares in the center. On the one hand the British, on the other the Ukrainians. The much feared British invasion with the Delta variant bogey from the UK did not happen. The health and public order wall raised by the Police Headquarters, the Prefecture and the Ministry of Health withstood the impact and the quarter-finals of Euro2020 played at the Olympic stadium in Rome between England and Ukraine were just a sport party, in compliance with the measures containment for the spread of Coronavirus. Check points and cross-checks have in fact paid off. No disorder, no tension, even if it is not excluded that some English fans may have “dribbled“the investigations.

Overall, 50 fans who did not comply with the anti-Covid regulations were blocked and another 10 intercepted in the streets of the city. Three fans submitted to Daspo and 4 reported to the Judicial Authority.

No critical issues

Saturday day spent therefore without criticality. The public order plan, agreed upon by the Committee for public order and safety, held in the Prefecture, and implemented by order of the Rome Police Headquarters, which involved over a thousand agents, including the State Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finance and Police Roma Capitale, with the synergistic collaboration of all the national and international bodies involved in the organization of the event, ensured that no critical issues occurred inside the stadium and in the rest of the city.

52 tickets canceled

The capillary controls developed in advance made it possible, by comparing the lists of names of flights from England and Ukraine with those of tickets sold, to intercept 52 fans who arrived in the capital beyond the time needed to carry out the prescribed quarantine, to whom , in addition to being ordered not to go to the stadium, the ticket was invalidated by the competent bodies. None of these supporters then attempted to access the turnstiles. Two fans tried to evade control by providing false identity to the agents, a specific crime report was sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for them.

English fans in the Center and at the Olimpico

In the checks on the main streets of the center, especially those adjacent to the fan zone, 10 fans who did not comply with the anti-contagion regulations were identified and sanctioned. Close to the stadium, the controls at the 5 checkpoints for the verification of anti-Covid regulations are functional; during these first checks, 50 fans were rejected due to lack of requirements, who were required to return to their hotels, where they were appropriately monitored.

Daspo for three fans

Three supporters, 2 of Ukrainian nationality and one German, were submitted to Daspo by the Rome Police Commissioner; 2 of them (a Ukrainian and a German) for having committed the crime of resistance to the Public Official and therefore will also be reported to the Judiciary, the third for having violated the rules governing the use of sports facilities (anti-climbing over).

The applause of the Lazio Health Councilor

Commitment to contain the English bogeyman who found thanks to the councilor for Health and Social-Sanitary Integration of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato: “I thank the Prefect Matteo Piantedosi and the Police Commissioner Mario Della Cioppa for the extraordinary commitment of the police in controlling the fans in enforcing the health rules for the Ukraine-England match that took place yesterday in Rome. A commendable job was done, once again professionalism was demonstrated by our police forces, also for health protection and the fight against the pandemic.“.

Cross-checks by the Police Headquarters

Rome Police Headquarters which on Saturday cross-checked dozens of English fans by carrying out checks on the lists of passengers arriving by plane from Great Britain and Ukraine, with the lists of tickets sold for the quarter-final of the European football championships. At the heart of the checks that were carried out in some hotels was compliance with the 5-day quarantine imposed by the Italian government in mid-June, for those arriving or passing through the United Kingdom in the 14 days prior to arrival. In the event of non-compliance with the quarantine, the police invalidated the ticket to the stadium and fined the offenders.

British tabloids

Despite the anti-Covid measures, according to the British tabloids, many British supporters managed to make it to Rome. First the bars, then the stadium, writes The Sun, the stages of “English fans who were lucky enough to be able to make it to Rome“How they got there, avoiding quarantine, anti Covid tampons and a 386 pound fine for those who violate the restrictions in place, writes the same British newspaper, citing several testimonies from fans who left France and the Czech Republic, Spain and Spain. other European countries, but also from the Emirates.

According to the Daily Mail, they are instead “about five hundred English fans arrived in Rome from the United Arab Emirates“, speaking of return air tickets paid 700 pounds. But not only. To circumvent the restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus, or to avoid quarantine and the negative test to happen at the stadium, the English fans would also have left. from Switzerland, Spain, Prague and Portugal.

English party at the Olimpico

As far as sports news is concerned, the evening at the Olimpico was a triumph for the English. England overwhelmed Ukraine 4-0 in the quarter-finals of the European Championship. After the first goal scored by Harry Kane in the fourth minute of the first half followed, in the second half, those of Harry Maguire in the 46th, of Kane in the 50th and in the 63rd minute of Jordan Henderson. In the semifinals England has an appointment with Denmark who in the afternoon had beaten the Czech Republic by 2 to 1.

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