in Lazio positivity rate of 0.3%, in Italy 0.4%

in Lazio positivity rate of 0.3%, in Italy 0.4%
in Lazio positivity rate of 0.3%, in Italy 0.4%

«SMS messages are being sent for the advances of the AstraZeneca vaccine aimed at the under 60 age group: those who wish can anticipate the second dose according to ministerial indications. The possibility of confirming early vaccination has been extended to 48 hours. 8,000 have already confirmed the anticipation of the second dose to the 56th day after the first dose ». This is what the Lazio Region crisis unit communicates in a note.

Meanwhile, as regards the Open Junior, yesterday the first day of the Pfizer vaccine boosters for children aged between 12 years old (born in 2009) and 16 years old (born in 2005).
The commissioner Alessio D’Amato then takes stock of the contagion situation: “out of almost 8,000 swabs in Lazio (-215) and almost 19,000 antigenic for a total of over 26,000 tests, 85 new positive cases are recorded (+21), 3 deaths (-2), 155 hospitalized (-7). 180 recovered, intensive therapies are 40 (-2). The ratio between positives and buffers is 1.1% but if we also consider the antigenic ones the percentage drops to 0.3%.

Cases in Rome city are at an altitude of 51. RT is down to 0.6 and the incidence is below 10 per 100,000 inhabitants ».
In Italy there are 932 new cases of Covid positivity and 22 deaths. The infections have remained below a thousand for two weeks. The positivity rate is confirmed at 0.40%. The current positives are 45,576.


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